Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Lady Wolf - Short Story Review

I found this short story on Smashwords. I don't have the link to it right now but here is the ISBN: 9781301444724.

Jean-Baptiste, Vicomte de Martell is said to be a crusader but is given the description of a pirate with one eye and a hook instead of a left hand. It is a bit odd that this crusader-pirate is given a French name but lives in Saarland, Germany (even if it is a fairy tale).
Like with all fairy tales, the element of magic is present. It is different here; a black pearl that transforms Lady Avezoete (who represents the princess in traditional fairy tales).
The full moon is usually when the werewolf transforms from human to beast, but in The Lady Wolf, it is slightly in reverse. It is when Lady Avezoete decides to take out the black pearl from her mouth and return to her human form.

Overall, The Lady Wolf is an enjoyable short story with a happy ending, or double happy ending.

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