This page contains links to all the poems I have posted on this blog. Welcome to my world of myth, magic and occasional anger and frustration, for no matter how hard I try, I'm human and therefore likely to go to the dark side - often.

Listen to me read my poems "Air" and "Breaking Free" during a local poetry-reading event.


The Blood Moon (inspired by the Blood Moon Phenomenon, a bit spiritual)
The Stone (inspired by a scene from The Tides Between by Elizabeth Jane Corbett)
Let it Rip! (includes photography and a song from YouTube by Within Temptation)
Red Nails (includes photography)
Winter's Perfect Remedy
The Light & The Artist (Micropoetry)
Take the Bait
Uncage Me (Takhayyal writing prompt 75)

Welcome to My Job
Open Your Eyes (word-bank inspired poem)
Awaken! Muse
Connecting with the Old World (Inspired by a cruise in Aswan, Egypt)

Awaken to the Magic (Takhayyal writing prompt 46)
Dreaming of Hope (Takhayyal prompt 36)
Treading Forward (Takhayyal prompt 26)
Open the Door (Takhayyal prompt 28) 
Enter the Light (Takhayyal prompt 25)
Resist (Takhayyal prompt 7)
Inspire (Takhayyal prompt 1)
Call of the Sea (Flash fiction and poetry)
The Picture (A tribute to my grandmother, may her soul rest in peace)
Waiting White - Hear it on Youtube