Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Mighty Thunder Roars by Nada Adel Sobhi

The thunder roars
Children run
And hide beneath the covers
Whilst others look outside,
Watching the rain pitter-patter
Against the window and pavement.
The air is cold but refreshing
Clean and pure
– for a change –
People huddle at home,
Read, watch TV, cook,
Going about their 1-day vacation

But the Thunder
Isn't satisfied
It roars and howls
Screams against the world

We look up
From our chores
And our lives
We stand still,
Thoughts flitting through our minds
Horror, prayer, fear, and love

The Thunder
Howls again;
The rain pours

The streets become over-sized puddles
Streetlamps flicker and die out
Families run to remove the collecting water;
Electricity cut,
More running to find a torch or candle

All the while
The Thunder
Continues to rage…

Earlier on Thursday, 12 March 2020 in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Written Thursday, 12 March 2020 – at 16:20

After a massive downpour in Cairo, Egypt (along with several other governorates).
Rain can be beautiful but it can be deadly too.


  1. Amaxing, full of warm feelings as expected

  2. Great one ya Nada �� very expressive ��
    My first impression was like a documentation of how the weather conditions were experienced by people, in general, and how this experience gradually developed into what we saw today.
    But, then, it is as if the roaring thunder is not a passing-by event, it is like a sign urging us to contemplate our thoughts, our views, or rethink things. Perhaps it is telling us something is wrong, but we are left baffled with uncertainty, considering these uneasy times.

  3. Spectacular, now I've vivid pictures in my mind of all those scenes, very expressive and soulful ❤