Monday, May 27, 2013

Once Upon...

I see her with my eyes
You see her with yours
No story can be told
The same way twice.

Somewhere, somehow
Details will change,
She will change,
I will shift,
You will add what you feel,
Not always what you really see.

History is a weaving of words
There are no lines, no boundaries,
Everyone tells their tale,
Everyone changes the story for their sake.

History is but a bed time story,
Bloody, happy, majestic or deadly.

I see it with my eyes,
You see it with yours,
No one can trust us
For the tale will never be true.

Note: This is the piece I read at the Department of English Language and Literature, Cairo University's second Poetry Recital.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cracking the Shell

I try to build my walls,
Bricks and stones,
Tales and thoughts.

I toil to make them hold.
Strong on the outside,
To conceal the child within,
The fairy from a dark realm,
A pearl from humanity…

The world
Rages with its arrows,
Spears and swords,
Cracking my shell,
And hard, 
I toil to repair it,
To heal the wounds.

But no matter how hard I try
The shell keeps cracking,
For the toughest cracks
Are those that come from within!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lost (in Space)

Readying, running, racing, accelerating,
Then shooting off as a rocket shoots into space
Into the cold, blinding dark abyss

No light to guide you,
No bird songs to warm you
No touch of love for you.

Magical moments forgotten,
Lingering, loving lullabies fade,
Sweet sentiments wash away.

Soaring above invisible clouds,
Wondering, wandering, searching,
Tears fall from the piercing cold.

You miss the irritating angry rain,
You long for the buzzing bee;
Silence and emptiness envelop you.

Their tentacles embrace you;
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The blinding blackness resounds everywhere.

They begin to flow in your veins,
Mixing your senses together.

Your head is getting lighter,
Your soul, forgotten;
Everything is fading…

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Invisible City (Acrostic) by Nada Adel Sobhi - Poem

Invisible, but will be found.
Never seen before, and by magic is bound.      
Visions have come and gone
In the past, present and future but still none
See the way to this city of wonder.
It is not far, it lies yonder.
But who will find it? That is the question
Let the magic begin in this night,
Engage now in books, spells and potions.

Covering the ground with ingredients, while spells are cast
It has been a while, but this time the power will last.
To be forever seen, is this City now,
Yet the magic has been made for the magical world alone.

*The form used here is the Acrostic.
It is a very old piece. My first or second in the Acrostic form. Haven't experimented with that style since but will definitely give it another shot. It's a personal all-time favourite.
I hope you enjoyed it.