Friday, September 25, 2020

There's Magic in All of Us - Poem by Nada Adel Sobhi

There's magic in all of us

We may not see it

Feel it, or even understand it


But it's there

Always has been

Always will be


Sitting deep within

Waiting to be unlocked

Like a whirlpool

Waiting for the lid to be removed

Like a fire

Waiting to be ignited


There's magic in all of us

A spark

Waiting for the right moment,

The trigger

To awaken within

To rise

and push and pull you higher


Trust me

It's there

Poets have spoken of it

Authors dream of it


Some call it love

Some call it passion

Many call it many things


How do you awaken your magic?

By exploring


Exploring the world

Exploring yourself

Understanding yourself


You are not your wants and needs

You are not what society demands

You are not a grain of sand

Tossed by the wind


You are water




Flexible and magical


So look out the window

Breathe the night's fresh air

Walk out the door

And discover yourself


Look at the stars,

The trees, the flower, the birds

Clear your mind

Look, observe, listen

Enjoy and discover


Look at the sun and sea

Be entranced by their magic

Read & read & read

Till your curiosity is unleashed


There's magic in all of us

But are you brave enough

To discover

And unleash it?


Written Saturday, 12 September 2020

Inspired by a phrase by author Tish Thawer


  1. Believe it or not: your timing could not be more impeccable, Nada. I do not believe in signs, but perhaps my belief in causality could help me with thinking that this poem just came at the right time. Morale-boosting, indeed. I really like it.
    In a way, I found solace in the idea that “we may not see it, feel it, or even understand it,” because that is what my whole life is. 😂 I have a hard time feeling, seeing or even understanding myself in terms of many aspects. Mentioning this suggests that I have this “magic” within me, but I am yet to discover it, understand it, and unleash it. So, yes, this is a relief and, while reading the poem, it left me more eager and curious to proceed further until the revelation part where you draw the roadmap to “see and understand” this magic, and where you cross out the “are nots” of the self.
    Again, you never fail to amaze me with the use of simply painted images, yet with a myriad of meanings. The image of “the sand grain tossed by the wind” is really to the point. The image happened I really like the “water” image, as it triggered many thoughts in my mind, and it also reminds me a bit of Bruce Lee’s “be water, my friend.” (If you are not familiar with it, I recommend checking it out). The image is really rich with shades of meaning, I’d say.
    Well, I assume your audience, after going through all these morale-boosting images and meanings, they would just be “waiting to be unlocked,” “waiting for the lid to be removed,” “waiting to be ignited,” and “waiting for the right moment,” and you just give them “the trigger to rise” with your question at the end. Only then, they would get an adrenaline rush, with a battle cry (I mean within themselves, of course), and embark on their journey to “explore the world and themselves” and with this interaction, they would eventually “understand themselves.” Once again, great one ya Nada 👌