Thursday, May 29, 2014

Take Life with a Grain of Zen

Take Life with a Grain of Zen by H.J. DeBoy is indeed "a refreshing out look on the day-to-day" as the secondary title of the book says. It reminds me of Paulo Coelho's Warrior of the Light as the writer strives to push the reader forward.

I cannot critique Take Life with a Grain of Zen based on characters and plot because the main character of this book is the Reader. The book consists of short prose pieces of advice along with quotes, bits of wisdom, ancient sayings and occasionally some poetry – though I have to stress that this book is not a poetry collection.

J. R. R. Tolkien once said "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Or as in this case 'all we have to decide is what to do with the words we read in this beautiful book'.

The book opens with a quote and a beautiful and realistic poem that I believe everyone can feel and understand and that many have undergone this stage of dying and getting ready to be reborn into their worlds and lives.

Then there is the piece: "Be the sunshine that warms the lonely heart./ Be the cool breeze that soothes the pain of grief./ Be the clear water that quenches the wounded soul./ Give what you would like to receive./ Each day will be that much more beautiful."
These five lines are all it takes to make you feel happy and ready to live again. I particularly loved the line "Be the clear water that quenches the wounded soul." The word "quenches" is powerful and perfect for "wounded soul".

The book has so many memorable lines, images and pieces of advice that I wish I could quote it all!

Take Life with a Grain of Zen is a book for all ages and all times. There are lines, which you just cannot help but admire and there are others that inspire you to remove all the negativity from your life and aspire to peacefulness and serenity since that is what 'being Zen' is all about. DeBoy knows that 'being Zen' is not an easy task but still shows you many ways by which you, the Reader, can bring comfort, peace and happiness into your life.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ghost - Mike Worley - Book Review

Ghost by Mike Worley is part of the Angela Masters Detective Series and it is my second read for Mr. Worley. Ghost precedes Entitlement, and though I was familiar with the characters, I felt Ghost gave them more depth especially the lead detective/protagonist Angela.

Ghost opens with the rape and murder of Amanda Jensen. Despite their best efforts, detectives Angela Masters and Julie Phelps exhaust all their leads and the case stays open for almost a year, until finally a new lead appears.

In Ghost, we see a lot of character-background, which helps the reader form a better picture of each character. The pace of the novel is not as quick as Entitlement, since the case stays open for a while; nonetheless it is not a bad pace since it is divided into 46 short.

Since the novel is set in 1986, DNA-testing is highly expensive, not unheard of but has never been used in court. It’s not as easy as seen in modern TV-series like CSI. Ghost shows how good Angela Masters is as a criminal profiler; however, she eventually realises that criminal-profiling still bears much guess work as compared to real detective work.

I must say Ghost, for me, was a quick read but was still slower than its successor Entitlement.

Ghost is an interesting crime novel with a strange but happy ending. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ticking Time - #Visdare no. 60

There are ticks and there are tocks, and in front of Alec sat a dozen clocks. Each spoke of a different time, a different day, a different decade.

8:00, 10:30, 11:45, 12:23, 4:08, no a.m. or p.m., just numbers and times, some ticking, some standing still, worn out and exhausted.

But Alec knew. Time never stops; it never rests.


He closed his eyes and listened as Time's slow and boring robotic music played on and on and on…

When he opened his eyes, the music continued to play but its echoing mechanical ticks and tocks were lost in the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets; they were lost in time and space.

With one last look, he left the stacks of clocks lying about on the side of the street.

This is my piece for this week's #Visdare prompt (the above picture).
Written 13th of May 2014 – 3:45 am.
132 words without the title.

Unbeatable - FSF - Doors

The Wind beat mercilessly on the castle walls. It hurled and thrust trying to tear it down. It howled and roared but the ancient building stood as strong and as resilient as ever.

Angrier, the Wind hurled an army of pebbles and stones against the mighty fortress.

But to no avail; the castle would not fall or falter before any enemy, natural or unnatural.

This is my entry for this week's five-sentence fiction prompt which is "DOORS". This is my first time attempting to NOT to use the prompt itself in the piece.

As always, comments and shares are appreciated. 
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lingering Stories

The earth is old. It knows all our stories, our laughs and worries. It has seen and felt children playing and others crying. It has laughed with them and wept with them.

Their stories will always be etched in its dirt and trees, to be carried and remembered for all eternity.

This piece is for this week's 55 Word-Challenge – Week 11. It's 51 words and I used all three pictures.
I won HONOURABLE MENTION for this challenge. Check out all the winners here.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Black and Green

I had never seen grass so green before. My hard work in the city had left me tired and dreary; but seeing such grass made life surge through me once again.

Joe removed the saddle and reins and I ran and galloped and pranced. This is the life; the life a horse could ever want.

My black coat glittered against the green grass and I heard Joe say "Black Beauty indeed!"

This week's five-sentence fiction prompt is "freedom" and I had just finished watching my all-time favourite movie "Black Beauty".
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Written Tuesday 6th of May 2014.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#VisDare no. 59: Moxie

The wailing wind could not accede or sway her. She was determined and nothing anyone or anything could say or do could put her off.

Her mind was made.

She got dressed, packed her money, cell phone and a few other necessities, and slung her bag across her body. She finished that last cigarette and stumped the butt on the pavement.

She got on her motorcycle and, without looking back, drove off.

The wind ceased its wailing. And as the sun rose, a lively breeze blew behind her, pushing her forward, sending her off to her destiny.

This piece is inspired by this week's VisDare prompt no. 59 "Moxie" and the above picture. We were to write any piece in 150 words or less. My piece is 97 words.
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