Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ares and Mars by Nada Adel Sobhi - Poem

It is on the battle field,
Where each god holds a shield,
At the other, looking viciously,
Awaiting the signal to attack ferociously!

Ares, Greek god of war!
Mars, Roman god of war!
Both gods of destruction,
Their wrath makes choking combustion!

The signal sounds,
And the battle begins,
And all around
Are gods drinking gin.


Both are immortal,
And so do not die.
Suddenly, opens a portal
In the middle of the sky.

Zeus and Jupiter
Have taken a decision:

“Each would rule
In his own way,
Whether petty and cruel
Or caring and loving play.
Let them rule as should
And aid would come if could,
Whether they ask for it
Or work with their own wit!”

So, the battle ends,
And the gods of war
Become the best of friends!
And from afar sounds their roar!

Now they roam to destroy,
For the world is their toy!
To murder, burn and kill.
These, they do with their utmost skill!

So beware world,
Or be set aflame,
For Ares and Mars
Have made you their game!


  1. The world of mortals shall never beware.. It shall never learn that wars and fatal deputes are only destructing their own and nothing more.. The reincarnations of Mars and Ares in our daily life keep setting everything aflame either materially or emotionally.. Sometimes I feel it's a hopeless case.. Anyway, the poem is very lovely, and I heard the trumpet of war in the background.. Cheers... ^_^

  2. Well, they say that the world will come to an end soon, right? :D As always, the Greek/Roman mythological world is always appealing! This is when it all started with the tradition of the bards telling stories and poets setting these stories to poems. The rhyme scheme here is awesome! There is that musicality to it which adds to that sense of foreboding! From the first line, the reader is engaged in an experience where the atmosphere is building up. Even after the battle ends, the drama shifts into another gear.
    P.S. I love the word 'combustion' :D