Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Like Magic

Sifting through my stuff I found something light, something different.

Fingers intertwined
Eyes interlocked
Your smile
Takes my breath away
Your perfume
Takes my senses to the moon

My whole body pulses
At the touch of your hand,
My body arches and moans
- silently –
At the touch of your lips

You have enchanted me!
And yet,
I love the spell that bewitched me!
I adore the wizard that cast it
And I want nothing more
Than to be his darling witch
For as long as there is magic in the world
There will always be 'love'.


  1. amazing & alive, I like it, and it's good to know there's still magic in the world, I mean "love :)

  2. Amazing as usual ya Noony. I'm so speechless. It feels like a magical world. And you know that I'm into magical divine ancient creatures & their world; centaurs, dragons, kitsunes "gumiho/fox with nine tails", fairies, elves & yukai "supernatural creatures" not just vampires or werewolves or hybrids. It's just too spectacular poem with an outstanding magical atmosphere. Thanks for writing this poem for I'm hooked by its kinds & currently reading or watching anything has to do with magical world "manga/manhwa/anime/Kdrama/Jdrama" :D ;)