Friday, January 11, 2013

Sea Encounter (Untitled)

The wind caresses the blossoming flowers and leaves,
The waves flow softly to the rhythm of the breeze;
While he watches her from afar;
She is more beautiful than the brightest star.

He glides amongst the rocks in the sea.
He moves closer to better, her, see.

The air plays with her hair,
Gently and with a lot of care.
Oblivious, she reads a book,
Unaware that she’ll be caught in a hook.

‘Hello’, he says, piercing the silence.
Startled, she falls off the rock.
Looking at him, her eyes sparkle like diamonds.
She gazes silently for she is in shock.

Before her, a handsome young man, from the water sprung,
The words in her mouth there just hung;
Bare at the chest he was and with a fish-tail at the end,
Fantasy and reality, for her, seemed to blend.

‘Closer, I cannot come,’ he said,
‘For I am a man of the sea.’
To the shore, he motioned his head.
Closer, she ventured to, the Merman, see.

A foot in the water, then the other;
It was crystal cold, but she did not bother.
His face, she touched, and his hair;
He was real, not illusion, not air.

Soon the clouds between them cleared,
And on and on they talked
Till the moon and stars appeared
Then, ‘Farewell’, they bid, and away she walked,

Always turning her head to see
If the Merman was still visible in the sea.
Tomorrow, a new day will come,
Their friendship has only just begun.

(My attempt to reverse The Little Mermaid. I don't know if the rhyme may be slightly forced, but I hope you like it)