Sunday, September 29, 2013


Erik was the most beautiful human-hybrid I had never met. He would have been the one to give me the last adventure I sought.

This who ‘idea’ began when Anya, Marie and Chris started thinking about the perfect companion – which was never a good idea, but oh well, I gave it a shot anyway.

Chris’ definition of adventure always involved women and sex – always. He never tired, whereas everyone else did from his thoughts and stories, real or unreal. Everyone, men and women, stopped asking, we just let him wander off into a daydream and probably went to sit on another table or in another room altogether.

Anya, however, was a beautiful woman, with one tiny flaw: whatever she touched turned into ice - sustainable flames being the only exception. So naturally, a slightly-altered version of the Human Torch would have been her ideal companion; one who seemed will never cross paths with her. Had Anya been into women, her Human Torch and soul mate would have been the same person: Marie.

It was common knowledge what my preferences were here at the Academy. I liked hybrids – human hybrids. I had a soft spot for werewolves, but they bored me. All this “We fear for you” and “Don’t approach us in our wolf form” irritated and bored me. I had one clandestine encounter with a white wolf – or werewolf – on the Wolf Grounds once; it was a BLAST! He – I think – was fun and adorable, a real hunter but a catch nonetheless. Suffice to say, I never saw him again. Bummer? Not really; I had gotten used to those.

“Your turn, Mia! Who or what is the most beautiful ‘creature’ you’ve never met?”
“Plenty, I suppose or rather hope.”
“Pleeeeeeeaaaassseee,” the two girls pleaded.
“Alright then,” I said and pretended to think – but I already had some idea about who my dream creature would be.
“Erik would be the most beautiful human-hybrid I have never met.”
“Erik? Who’s Erik?!” Chris had woken up. That meant there will be a ton of gossip before midday!
“Erik is this sexy guy with breath-taking blue eyes, who loves books and --”
“Sexy guy who loves books? Keep dreaming!”
“Shut up Chris!” Anya said, “or else!” threatening him with a bare finger.
He swallowed and remained silent.
Changing her tone, she said “I like this Erik guy already!”
“What does he turn into?” Marie, who couldn’t hold her question back much longer, and no thanks to Chris’ interruption, asked.
I smiled. “A dragon.”
“Chris, what happened to your daydream? The world was enjoying itself in your sleep.”

He crossed his eyebrows at Anya, but stayed silent. Chris may be one of the smartest people in the world, but girls were not his area and Anya’s abilities were to be feared and unchallenged on all occasions.

“A dragon,” I started again, “Erik would take me flying and probably diving. We’d do all the things humans did but without worrying about my nebulous magical abilities.”

The girls smiled; and I could have sworn Chris did too.

It’s true I had come a long way since my magical powers unveiled themselves to me. But still, I always had to be in control, I could never be free. I controlled the elements, but Fire was my best and favourite. Were I to lose myself to it for a second, the Academy and all in it along with a few houses in the vicinity would be toast, for Fire had a mind of its own. It was also my strongest element.

“Aren’t you worried he’d be terrified of you?!”
It was Chris again. Apparently, he had got some idea of my flashback – something my eyes showed often.

“Well, I haven’t thought of that. But since I have never met him, I would never know.”

Written for Finish that Thought weekly contest posted every Tuesday by Alissa Leonard on her blog

Friday, September 27, 2013

Opposites Attract

As electrons and protons attract, so did they. When fire falls in love with water, the balance is shattered and pain and suffering ensue. The sun and moon can never linger long enough to ease each other’s longing. A tiger and a deer cannot be friends even if the tiger sees more to the deer than just food and fulfillment. So couldn’t they; she a woman and he a wild white wolf.

This is for this week's Five-Sentence Flash Fiction prompt that can be found here. The prompt is "magnetic".

Thursday, September 26, 2013


"Where Next" by Brewtnall Edward 

“We were young and in love with the world ahead of us. Seamen told tales of raging seas and sea monsters and gold and new worlds. It was like a fantastical dream. Michael and I wanted our own adventure, our own tale to tell. I remember him one fine summer’s day showing me a huge map with all the lands that we’ve heard people return from. It was magnificent really, so many places to see. He had his arm around me and we had hopes and fantasies like everyone.”

“Tell us more, grandma!” The children said.

 She sighed as the memories of a time long past flooded back.

“India was under British rule at the time and America was called the New World. People said it was rich with gold and beauty. We were young and in love.”

A tear trickled down her face.

“The world was full of promise, both real and fake”. She paused to wipe her face. “We wanted to live the dream, get married and have children. but unlike the reveries we spent nights talking about. We journeyed, through pain and hardship, to the New World. We were young and in love.”

“Keep going, grandma! Tell us more about grandpa!” The squealed excitedly.

Wiping her eyes again, she said “I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Now off to bed. Your mother won’t forgive me for keeping you up.”

They left unhappily but with make-up fantasies of their own, while the old lady sat in her rocking chair by the window and let the memories flow like the smooth water of the lake before her.

“I miss you my Michael!”

- Inspired by prompt #38 in the Friday Flash Fiction Contest.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back from the Dead

I’m back! Was travelling and now I’m back with a lot on my “Blog Agenda” from a planned-and-postponed revamp to lots of posts.

I have been planning on making it a habit of making at least three posts per week and I’m currently hoping I’ll be able to fulfill that. I haven’t decided if they should be any random three days or fixed ones. Preferences?

Friday will definitely be one of those days, since it’s the first day of the weekend here and I try to take part in at least one of the Friday Flash Fiction contests. There will be also the #VisDare and the 55 Word-Challenge (the latter being on Wednesday) – so still not sure if I should fix my days. Considering having any Sunday post since many have Sunday off.

I am also thinking of trying to do a few things for Halloween in October. There will definitely be a book review of "30 Scary Tales" and I'm sure there will be a few Halloween-related prompts.
Suggestions are most welcome.

More to come soon J

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dancing Fairy - 5SF

I couldn’t see the sky, all I could see was her, the way she moved, walked, danced; a fairy on a bed of green grass.

Her bare feet on the ground, the leaves and trees swaying her way, endowing her with a crown of their making.

It was night – I think, but I saw no moon, only her face.

The air bore sweet music and the earth reverberated underneath her dancing feet.

Several times, she looked my way with a smile on her face; and each time my heart skipped several beats. 

This week's prompt is Beauty. I had something that fit the prompt so I made minor amendments and posted it. This is for the Five-Sentence Flash Fiction Contest

The Perfect Moment - VisDare #36

Bow in hand,
Arrow set,
Athena’s eyes fixed
Upon her prey.

He had stood
Before the bronze statue
Marveling at her grace,
Comparing her to his wife,
Insulting the latter.

Tearful eyes
At the Goddess of War and Wisdom,
“What would you have me do?”
She whispered as he walked away.

The woman turned
And walked the other way.

Bow in hand,
Arrow set,
Athena’s eyes fixed
On a human with no heart.

She stood,
Waiting for the right distance,
For that perfect moment
To release her arrow
Upon her prey.

- 92 Words

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life Under Examination - Poetry Collection Review

Life Under Examination by Aria Glazki is a unique poetry collection where the reader can relate to almost every poem. Written in rhymed verse and decent bit of alliteration here and there, this collection encompasses a total of 26 poems on many topics as diverse as fairies and tragedies.

The collection opens with “Seminar”, a beautifully penned piece. I honestly did not know what to expect when I read that title. But I must say it lived far beyond my expectations. There are certainly many stanzas to which people in general and students in particular can relate to, like that moment when you're asked to answer a question or give an opinion and your face begins to flare red and you feel like you're about to explode. A simply spectacular poem about a topic almost everyone everywhere experiences but has never written about.

The second piece “Otherworldy Remedy” is one that hits a soft spot for me as a poet, reader and lover of all that is magical, mythological and fantastical!
"For what are our lives if they're not filled with magic?
They're pointless, and dull, and so very tragic."
Lines that ring true. I'll be hanging this poem somewhere in my room, or better on my desk to keep me alive every time I feel down.
Hats off for this purely perfect piece!

“Out of Sight” is a neat and thought-provoking poem that makes other poets and writers consider and contemplate the poor fairies' and muses' dilemma. It brought a sad smile to my face, for the simple fact that we don't really think of them and often associate these creatures with clichés, like playing pranks as Glazki mentions here.

Following that is “Eureka”, which, like many poems in Life Under Examination, is an interesting and thought-provoking piece. I'm sure every reader, no matter how old or young, can relate to this one and to the feeling we get when we try to cling to that fleeting thought; even when we come to write it down, parts of it just seem to vanish. I like how the opening two lines are repeated in the final stanza; it gives a sort of coming-together feel.                 

 “Cinematography” is a modern take on the Cinderella story without the fairy god-mother or the magic; though the evil step-mother is there in a new character. The title is a bit odd though, or not-so-poetic for me. Although it does give the reader something to think about the next time they watch or read any Cinderella story or adaptation.

*Hats off and thumbs up* is all I can say for Glazki’s “Commercialised Love”; that, and I love the title. A perfect fit for the notorious V-Day!
Life Under Examination also hits on the satirical and the ridiculous as seen in “Newsworthy”, which is a satirical piece for those, often ugly, poodles and their extravagant owners.

“Hope Dies Last” is a powerful poem for every tragedy in every time and era. As a reader “Hope Dies Last” makes me think and believe that hope does not die at all. It is a sad and powerful dedication. I had written parts of the commentary before reading the final note on the poem. It was then that I realised that the poem is about attacks that took place in Moscow in 2002; but throughout, the poem reminded me of a more recent tragedy, the Aurora Shooting that took place in 2012, where a gunman opened fire inside a movie theatre killing 12 innocent people and injuring more than 50 others.
I hope “Hope” never dies.

Glazki moves on to something lighter; a piece that I'm sure will remind all who read it of a special someone in their lives. “Only You” made me smile and that's all I can say.

“In Passing” is an interesting piece about war and loss. I found it a bit vague, but nonetheless intriguing.

The poem “Mother” is one of the best, strongest and most heartfelt pieces in this entire collection! It is a poem about the traits of a mother, every mother of every species, for that matter. This stanza, in particular, reminded me of cats, especially how feline mothers are incomparably vicious when it comes to their young: “With an innate fierceness/She'll protect them to her death/Cursing the world that hurt them/With every living breath”.

I, also, loved the lines “She creates a foundation/Then builds supporting beams”.
The entire poem just makes your heart beat differently. It is a perfect dedication to all mothers out there and to the efforts they undertake to keep their children safe. A thank you is due to every mother and accordingly to Ms. Glazki for penning this one.

Then, we come to Glazki’s poem “Blood”, which is by all means a psychotic piece!
I loved it. And that's all I’m going to say about it. I will leave it for the rest of the world to read and see for themselves.
*thumbs up Ms. Glazki*

“Last Night” is a short, interesting piece. I particularly like how it begins with “and” as though beginning in the middle of the story. The first four lines are a poem of their own; strong, deep and emotional. Perfect.

Then Ms. Glazki takes us on to the short, deep and both heartfelt and heartbreaking poem “Resolution”.

Glazki concludes her collection on a hopeful note and some seriously powerful imagery with her poem “Whole”.

I have not commented on all the pieces in the collection, for they are after all 26 pieces, but I have commented and written down notes on those that struck a chord with me (which is most of the collection).

Although the title Life Under Examination gives the this impression of a much philosophical work, it is a simple heartfelt collection of poems written, probably, at different stages of Ms. Glazki’s life. Life Under Examination deserves more than a 5-star rating for it is a collection that can, and will, touch each and every one. 

For more writing by Aria Glazki, check out her blog here.
Find her Facebook page here and find her on Twitter here.

Updates: Read my two-part interview with Aria here and here.
Also, check out her guest post on how to keep writing interesting and her writing tips for new and established authors.