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For a while I have wanted to launch my professional Editing and Proofreading service for authors and writers. Now, I've finally taken that step. As part of the package, I'm offering Developmental Editing.

What is Developmental Editing?  

This is where I tell if you some parts in your manuscript need rewriting, where I tell you if you need to work more on character development, if some part is repetitive or certain words are overused...etc.


Currently serving as a Managing Editor for an English news website and having worked as a translator and editor as well as a book reviewer, I have wide-ranging fields of expertise.

·        Financial/economic/stock market-related texts, books, documents
·        Marketing materials (digital and offline)
·        HR materials and content
·        Books, novels, novellas, and short stories


Below are what authors have to say about my editing services for them

Rates vary slightly depending on the amount of time given to edit your story, book, report, and/or piece. If you want it yesterday, I'll charge you higher simply because it means I might need to take time off from my day job, cancel personal events or errands, to get your work done.

Please get in touch with me at: nadanessinmotion[at]gmail[dot]com (fill in the required symbols) regarding your document or project and I'll give you a quote.

I'm currently accepting payment via PayPal
If you live in Egypt or the GCC, bank transfers are acceptable. You may opt for PayPal if it is applicable in your country.

Learn more about the Editor you're hiring.

I'm waiting to hear from you J


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