Sunday, September 29, 2013


Erik was the most beautiful human-hybrid I had never met. He would have been the one to give me the last adventure I sought.

This who ‘idea’ began when Anya, Marie and Chris started thinking about the perfect companion – which was never a good idea, but oh well, I gave it a shot anyway.

Chris’ definition of adventure always involved women and sex – always. He never tired, whereas everyone else did from his thoughts and stories, real or unreal. Everyone, men and women, stopped asking, we just let him wander off into a daydream and probably went to sit on another table or in another room altogether.

Anya, however, was a beautiful woman, with one tiny flaw: whatever she touched turned into ice - sustainable flames being the only exception. So naturally, a slightly-altered version of the Human Torch would have been her ideal companion; one who seemed will never cross paths with her. Had Anya been into women, her Human Torch and soul mate would have been the same person: Marie.

It was common knowledge what my preferences were here at the Academy. I liked hybrids – human hybrids. I had a soft spot for werewolves, but they bored me. All this “We fear for you” and “Don’t approach us in our wolf form” irritated and bored me. I had one clandestine encounter with a white wolf – or werewolf – on the Wolf Grounds once; it was a BLAST! He – I think – was fun and adorable, a real hunter but a catch nonetheless. Suffice to say, I never saw him again. Bummer? Not really; I had gotten used to those.

“Your turn, Mia! Who or what is the most beautiful ‘creature’ you’ve never met?”
“Plenty, I suppose or rather hope.”
“Pleeeeeeeaaaassseee,” the two girls pleaded.
“Alright then,” I said and pretended to think – but I already had some idea about who my dream creature would be.
“Erik would be the most beautiful human-hybrid I have never met.”
“Erik? Who’s Erik?!” Chris had woken up. That meant there will be a ton of gossip before midday!
“Erik is this sexy guy with breath-taking blue eyes, who loves books and --”
“Sexy guy who loves books? Keep dreaming!”
“Shut up Chris!” Anya said, “or else!” threatening him with a bare finger.
He swallowed and remained silent.
Changing her tone, she said “I like this Erik guy already!”
“What does he turn into?” Marie, who couldn’t hold her question back much longer, and no thanks to Chris’ interruption, asked.
I smiled. “A dragon.”
“Chris, what happened to your daydream? The world was enjoying itself in your sleep.”

He crossed his eyebrows at Anya, but stayed silent. Chris may be one of the smartest people in the world, but girls were not his area and Anya’s abilities were to be feared and unchallenged on all occasions.

“A dragon,” I started again, “Erik would take me flying and probably diving. We’d do all the things humans did but without worrying about my nebulous magical abilities.”

The girls smiled; and I could have sworn Chris did too.

It’s true I had come a long way since my magical powers unveiled themselves to me. But still, I always had to be in control, I could never be free. I controlled the elements, but Fire was my best and favourite. Were I to lose myself to it for a second, the Academy and all in it along with a few houses in the vicinity would be toast, for Fire had a mind of its own. It was also my strongest element.

“Aren’t you worried he’d be terrified of you?!”
It was Chris again. Apparently, he had got some idea of my flashback – something my eyes showed often.

“Well, I haven’t thought of that. But since I have never met him, I would never know.”

Written for Finish that Thought weekly contest posted every Tuesday by Alissa Leonard on her blog

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