Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back from the Dead

I’m back! Was travelling and now I’m back with a lot on my “Blog Agenda” from a planned-and-postponed revamp to lots of posts.

I have been planning on making it a habit of making at least three posts per week and I’m currently hoping I’ll be able to fulfill that. I haven’t decided if they should be any random three days or fixed ones. Preferences?

Friday will definitely be one of those days, since it’s the first day of the weekend here and I try to take part in at least one of the Friday Flash Fiction contests. There will be also the #VisDare and the 55 Word-Challenge (the latter being on Wednesday) – so still not sure if I should fix my days. Considering having any Sunday post since many have Sunday off.

I am also thinking of trying to do a few things for Halloween in October. There will definitely be a book review of "30 Scary Tales" and I'm sure there will be a few Halloween-related prompts.
Suggestions are most welcome.

More to come soon J

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