Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fairy Tales of Love

- It's old but light

Fairy Tales of Love

Come to me,
My Knight in shining armour
Come to me,
On your beautiful white stallion
Take me into your arms
And embrace me
Take me somewhere,
Where we could spend our lives together

Come to me My Love
And on a Magic Carpet ride
Show me new and beautiful places
Show me a whole new world
Take my hand and fly me to the moon
Let us fly over gardens and lakes
Meadows, forests, rivers, seas and oceans

Come to me,
My Handsome Prince
Kiss me and awaken me from my slumber
Let our kingdom rise once more
Let our lives be full of happiness and splendor
Let us watch the sun set and the full moon appear

Come to me My Love
Come to me under the sea
We’ll have our legs enchanted
Whenever we reach the water or land
Come to me and make me yours

Let me come to your castle
Let me free you from that spell
No longer shall you be a beast
But my handsome prince

Come and set me free
From this house I once called home
Come and try that glass slipper on me
It will fit
And I’ll be your princess for life

1 comment:

  1. A collection of fairy tales.. Many portraits that jump in the mind as I proceed in reading the verses.. Some portraits of the imagined scenes.. other portraits are for the memories I might have got attached to them.. Good poem, Nada... :)