Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Witness My Fury by Nada Adel Sobhi - Poem

No more will you hurt me,
Trespass over me and my dignity.
No more will you mock me
For now the flames of my raging fury
Shall torment you forever!

Ever heard of “torturing to insanity”?
Oh well,
You'll know it anyway!

You think you are better than me,
More knowledgeable, more bright,
Well you can forget that now,
You can wish you never crossed my path,
Wish I were a mere nightmare,
But all your wishes will be petty ashes.
I am real!
And the pain I will cause you
Will be too real!

I will make your life a living-hell,
Draw you out of the crowd,
Humiliate you, like you did me;
Agony and misery will be your food and drink,
Torture will be your daily routine.
Your suffering will be my utmost pleasure!

I will be everywhere and in everything
You see, hear, feel, eat, drink
And even dream and breathe!
My fury will bind you, burn you,
And when you scream
No one will care, no one will bother.
Your cries will be sucked into oblivion
And forgotten forever!

You think I lie?
That I am not up to my word?


I will writhe every single hope out of you.
Your life and your sleep will be an ever-lasting agony!

The pain, the torture,
The misery, the excruciation
That I will inflict upon you
Will be the most devastating,
The most destructive,
The most wrecking,
The most obliterating of all!!

I will haunt your dreams,
Spoil your joy,
Annihilate all your hope,
I will shatter your very existence!

Death would be your saviour,
Your refuge, your relief,
But I will never kill you,

I will torture you till your brain boils,
Till your heart explodes,
Till your soul fades,
And your sanity will be lost

You will be a living corpse,
A vampire would have more feeling,
Would know passion
As opposed to you!

Oh, the living-hell
I will put you through;
Death will be a paradise lost
Never to be regained.
Life will be an agonising 
Ever-lasting inferno!

And I,
I am the one to do it ALL!


  1. This poem radiates a lot of energy.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece Rayne. Very much appreciated.


  2. This is so powerful and wrathful! Even though it's a bit sadistic but one can only imagine the amount of humiliation this persona had taken in to reach this stage of fury. Your diction is fiery!
    Great one, dear!

    1. At long last...
      Thank you and believe it or not, it was about someone in our/your Faculty. More when I see you on Thursday ;)

    2. We met twice lady, and you didn't tell me about it! I must know ;)

  3. Never want to get on the wrong side of you lol. wow a powerful piece!!!

    1. Thank you so much Raymond. Glad you enjoyed it :)