Monday, May 15, 2017

Hero by Belinda Crawford - Book Review

Book: Hero
(Book 1 in The Hero Rebellion Trilogy)
Author: Belinda Crawford
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Publication date: 21 September 2015 

"Hero wished she could be like that: big and strong and scary instead of just strange and small and special."

Hero is the first instalment in the science fiction trilogy The Hero Rebellion by Belinda Crawford.

Set several hundred years in the future when the earth is no longer habitable, humans have moved to the planet Jorn, whose deadly pollen has prompted them to build their cities in the skies.

The main character Hero has lived most of her life in a prison called home or "the mansion" because she's told she's "special". She has a pet hybrid called Fink, with whom she shares thoughts, a kind of telepathy. Part leopard, part rat, Fink is a rucpard, who speaks in third person and is absolutely adorable despite being 600 kilograms in weight and very defensive of his charge, Hero.

While I'm often picky about the sci-fi books I read, Hero was definitely up my alley. Hero is an intelligent, tech-savvy character, dying to break free her prison-like home, and though young she's quite wise for her age; plus, she's got Fink as her back up wherever she goes. The two make an enviable team.

Crawford has done a tremendous job crafting her world-building and setting. She's even created words like "plasteel" and "plasglas", giving the novel a futuristic and realistic feel.

Hero's mother gives her the opportunity to live with her and go to school in Cumulus City. Soon, Hero, who has never had friends, is thrust in a school where she quickly has to decide who's her friend and who isn't. There, she discovers a long lost uncle who appeared in pictures but whom her mother had never spoken of.

'You're asking for trouble with Dorian, you know.'
She turned to Norah. 'I'm good at trouble.'
'Yeah, I noticed.'

There are many mysteries surrounding Hero and her family, as well as her new nanny, or as Crawford calls her 'minder'.

Exciting, Hero by Belinda Crawford is quick-paced and to the point. The narration is in third person but easily reveals the emotions of all the characters involved.

The characters are well-developed, especially Hero, who soon realises there is so much more to her being "special". I also liked how Crawford seamlessly gives reader bits and pieces of the background without sounding too matter-of-fact.

Overall, Hero by Belinda Crawford is a five-star quick-paced science fiction, must read. Can't wait to get my hands on the next installments in the trilogy.

You can also get some more information about the books in Nadaness In Motion's exclusive interview with author Belinda Crawford.

Note: I received a free copy of Hero from the author in exchange for an honest review (a little overdue)

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