Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#VisDare no. 59: Moxie

The wailing wind could not accede or sway her. She was determined and nothing anyone or anything could say or do could put her off.

Her mind was made.

She got dressed, packed her money, cell phone and a few other necessities, and slung her bag across her body. She finished that last cigarette and stumped the butt on the pavement.

She got on her motorcycle and, without looking back, drove off.

The wind ceased its wailing. And as the sun rose, a lively breeze blew behind her, pushing her forward, sending her off to her destiny.

This piece is inspired by this week's VisDare prompt no. 59 "Moxie" and the above picture. We were to write any piece in 150 words or less. My piece is 97 words.
Comments are highly appreciated.

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