Friday, March 27, 2020

Change, a poem by Nada Adel Sobhi

It's all around us
From the rising and setting
Of the mighty sun
To the trees
Shedding their leaves
– to even snakes
Shedding their skins –

Each changes and grows
Even the river that flows;
There is a power
To their change

So do our emotions
And moods
We shed the cold
For the warmth of spring
And the heat of summer

Is all around us
Sometimes expected
Other times not so much
And yet
We often resent it

It takes us out of our shell,
Our comfort zone, our routine,

But like the trees
We grow with every change
We open our eyes
To new challenges
To a new world

With every change
We mature a little,
Become a little wiser

It can be an opportunity
We just have to learn
To embrace it
And grow
A little wiser
Along the way

Photography by Mahmoud Mansi - Takhayyal Writing Prompt 105 

Written Friday, 27 March 2020 at 01:03
(During the Corona Virus Pandemic)

I originally wanted to keep this poem till April for National Poetry Month, but someone told me it was "perfect for this time" so I decided I'm celebrating National Poetry Month a little early :)  

This poem was inspired by the March 2020 writing prompt (Image above, photography by Mahmoud Mansi)


  1. Very nicely versed, Nada. Even with the simplest of words, we are reminded of an overlooked law of life. Although change, in itself, is an ambivalent occurrence, you chose to focus on its brighter side, but, then again, you did acknowledge something of its dark aspects, as evoked in the images of snakes and trees (which give a little hue of realism to the whole idea: Change does sometimes involve painful experience). Thank you for sharing this piece in these uneasy times.

  2. Loved it so much Nada. You can't imagine how much it touched my heart❤. You tackled change so brightly and delicately. Your poem along with the picture of fragile flowers are just perfect🌸.