Thursday, November 21, 2019

Am I Free? - Word bank-inspired poem

Surrounded by a clear blue sky
A pristine sea, a lake full of fish
The sun is warm against my skin
But my soul, it's not at peace
What's missing? What do I need?

I look around, it's calming
And yet…
A kitten of pure white rubs against my foot
Meows softly and disappears
I look around, I'm fine but…

Thoughts run around my mind
Why am I unhappy? Where's my comfort zone?
What's missing? What do I need?

A flock of birds flies above me
I watch them disappear into the mountains
The way they fly
They flock, but something about them
They're free

What about me?
When will I be independent?
When will I be free?
And is that what I truly need?


This poem was inspired by a word bank from my new and dear friend Sara Shaker: Here are the words she requested:

Warm – free – soul – peace – pure – comfort zone – independent – need?

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