Sunday, January 1, 2017

Change Is A Chance

Change. It usually comes with or is followed shortly by a feeling of loss, uncertainty, and doubt. It makes you shiver slightly from within, makes it seem like you're suddenly unsure of what you'd been 100% certain of a moment, a day or even a year before.

It's strange like that. But it's also necessary. If we keep on living and moving in the same cycle over and over until we forget ourselves and others forget us, then we are slowly – very slowly – killing ourselves.

Change, whether for good or bad, happens for a reason. We learn something; it could be a good lesson or a painful one, but we must learn.

We must sit, collect our thoughts and emotions and lay down the facts that have recently taken place. Analyse the events, the decisions, the effects and the final result.

We may not like it. But it will teach us something about ourselves. 

Change is progress. It may sometimes appear as if one has taken a backward step instead of going forward, but it is a necessary stage in human life. It is a stage that is repeated often, at times when we want it and at others when we desperately don't.

Every change brings an opportunity, small or big; it's chance, one that must be seized and made the best of.

As we begin the New Year, a new chapter in our lives, we must look to the world with different eyes. Look at it – even briefly – from the perspective of a detached human and feel its frailty and our own weakness. Once we see and understand this, we can either sink below or toughen up and rise to achieve greatness.

A person can only rise if they want to. They may take decisions that would shock the world, or at least people in their world, but these decisions could be the right thing for them, while they may be wrong or illogical for others.

One must embrace change. It happens for a reason. Embrace and find that reason and accordingly find your purpose and your strength.

Happy New Year!

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