Friday, November 30, 2012

Lucile (Part I)

Lucile felt something gush through her body painfully rousing her from her sleep. Screaming, she fell off her bed and crawled underneath it. There was the smell of something burning. She panted underneath and slowly raised the edge of her covers. Her room was no longer dark, comfy and welcoming as it had been when she went to bed.

No. it was bright; so bright, as if the sun itself were sitting at her dressing table and enveloping the entire room with its rays. Her eyes hurt and became watery.

The odor of something burning, or rather the stench of burning skin, filled her nostrils. She screamed as the light seared her skin. She retracted further underneath the bed.

Someone was trying to kill her in her sleep; someone who knew that she was a sun-hider, a night-walker, a Vampire.