Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thoughts Part I

So I just lost sight of basically EVERYTHING. I don't know what's going on, what has happened, and what will happen. And I honestly DON'T CARE! I'm totally indifferent to the people, my surroundings, the events… anything and everything you or I can think of.
What are we fighting for?!
Was the revolution we made almost 2 years ago something to tear the country to pieces? Did we give the wrong people the power? But still if we had chosen differently, we'd still be screwed – in a different way that is.
What are we fighting for?!

I feel that anyone who has any demand just takes to the streets. Our economy is mess, factories and small businesses are closing because their workers don't like their financial position or simply just come up with something not to like.
In the end, we're humans and we're Egyptians, and because there is a poor majority, THEY'LL NEVER BE SATISFIED! NO ONE will EVER be satisfied, especially since they've understood that the only way to be heard is to go on strike.
Great that's what we've learnt "Go on strike to get your demands heard" – let everything else go to waste.
So give them work; it doesn't pay well. Give them money; it's not enough. The list goes on and the end result is the same.

People were under the impression that voting for Mohamed Morsi – including those who simply voted for him so that Shafik would not win – were under the impression that he would do some magic trick to fix everything overnight. Well, it's not possible!
Welcome to Reality people!

Now, people are in Tahrir, Heliopolis, every where. They are opposing the man who needs a firm ground to make his decisions. He cannot remove the corrupt prosecutor because he does not have the power to. He cannot reinstate the People's Assembly because he does not have the power to. I'm not sure what powers he has exactly, but by the looks of it, nothing that can help Egypt move forward!

I'm not a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood. Never was, never will be. BUT, we have neither given the man nor the country space to grow and flourish. Since the Presidential elections there have been strikes all over Egypt.

I realise there are worse decisions being taken these days, such as the announcement that the government will no longer subsidise electricity for 75% of the population, added to the expected rise in fuel prices. I'm not sure where we're going but I don't know what were fighting for either.

I'm lost and somehow I do not want or seek to be guided. If there's a light, let it come to me, I shall not seek it.