Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Tale of the Sand Unicorn - Poem

A traveller by night
In an arid silent desert
With nothing
But the sound of the howling wind

The sky is dark, almost starless
his thread of hope is fading,

Like his will.

He bows his head in hopelessness,
Only to raise his eyes…
The desert sand gathers,
Whirls and twirls in mid-air
A form appears,
A unicorn

A unicorn made of sand.
It neighs and in a flash
The sand falls to the ground
The creature materializes,
Becoming bright white

‘A Star’ is all the traveller can think of
“Never lose hope!
I will guide you!” it says.

It turns, galloping on the sand,
Leading the way
In the dark night

bewildered, the hope-awakened traveller follows
Reaching an oasis

The white mythical creature neighs,
Gallops towards the sky,
Spreads its huge wings
It stands in mid-air
Shining as the biggest in the night.

And so lives the Tale of the Sand Unicorn

This poem is a very old piece that I was able to dig up. It was originally written sometime in June 2009, but was re-edited 22 April 2017.

Wish you all a week filled with Hope and Fantasy (and Unicorns)

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