Friday, November 6, 2015

Beyond the Words anthology - Review

Beyond the Words is an anthology of poetry and short stories collected and compiled by Scripting Change. The theme of this edition is education and literacy.
Some of the authors in this anthology appeared in the previous one titled Seeing Past Sickness. Profits from the sale of both books goes to charity organisations for each theme.
The short collection comprises 13 pieces alternating between poetry and short stories. I have a poem in here called Words.

The anthology opens with Faith Breisblatt's nostalgic poem "Writing Letters".
"To Keep You" by Kristyn F. Brunson, the second piece in this collection and the first short story is a cosy, heart-warming and loving piece about two sisters reading to each other and connecting through reading and writing no matter the hardships of time. I cried reading this five-star piece.

"Poetic Process" by Celena McDonnell is a beautiful poem with smooth and fresh imagery. Five stars to this one as well.
"Snagged in careful fingers,
I release them from their cage,
the poetic words begin to form
as I print them on the page."

"Common Groundless" by Kathy DeFlane is a short story about the difficulties of communication and understanding between languages and species! I felt it stretched out a bit, but it is nonetheless a very suitable piece for this edition and theme.

Aaron Jackson's poem "Undocumented Tutor" is an interesting piece, easily imagined and makes me think of all the 'undocumented tutors', the people you meet in life, learn things from them and take them for granted.

"Immortalised in Ink" by Aria Glazki, a regular contributor, is a short story every reader and bookworm can relate to. I absolutely loved it. A must read.
"Opening Worlds" by Seker Solis, is a poem with several interesting lines. My only comment is that the piece begins with a rhyme then shifts to free verse.
"And each word that is as a rocket rising,
Blends in subtle harmony with one that is as a ribbon falling."

"I Don't Read So Good" by Austin D. Nichols is another five-star beautiful and powerful short story in Beyond the Words. Definitely one of my favourites in this anthology about a man and woman meeting at a reading group. She writes beautifully but stammers in speech and "He knew he could write. He'd done it before, but never got the itch. Had it once, perhaps, a long, long time ago, before everything… The words darted out of his mouth. Succinctly sharp. Perfect in form only. But the meaning was lost."
Meanwhile, when it's the woman's turn to read, she stutters. "The words, metal prongs through a symphony of story, hindered every rhyme in her rhythm."

"Chasing Rainbows" by Margit Sage is a strong but painful short story on what stops writers from pursuing their passion. I enjoyed the strong sense of restlessness, which emanated from the piece. A must-read.

Finally, I'd like to quote a verse from my poem "Words", which was included in the anthology.
"Soon you'll be one
Woman and words,
Stronger than a thousand swords"

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