Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017: The Year of Reading Magora - Blog post

In 2017, I did something I hadn't done in a long time, not since the Harry Potter books were still being published.

I started a new series and I had no idea I'd get as hooked as I did.

The series, named Magora, is in fact meant for a Middle Grade-to-Young Adult audience. Written by painter-author Marc Remus, Magora is an artistic fantasy world, where children acquire magic paintbrushes and undergo a series of life-tests of friendship, love, and understanding, as well as schooling. As the novels progress, the books take on a slightly darker tone, as the protagonist, Holly, continues to battle the evil Cuspidor and his ever-growing batch of minions.

In May, I began the series by reading the second book, Magora: The Golden Maple, which I had been told could be read as a standalone. (It can). Immediately after I finished it, I picked up book 1, eagerly awaited book 3, and finally just bought and read book 4.

"Painting and writing are both products of creativity. Even though the two seem different, they are more similar than we think." - Marc Remus (Magora: The Golden Maple Tree)

The series comprises six books, all of which have already been written by Remus, but only four have been published.

The books in order (with Nadaness In Motion's review links, purchase links can be found after each review or via Marc Remus' Amazon page) are as follows:

Magora: The Woodspeople (not published)
Magora: The World Beyond (not published)

So if you're looking for a series to start, new books to read with your children, or just looking for a fantasy world to hide in, Magora is the place to be.

I don't draw but I love to colour and the series has a varying cast of characters, many of which people can easily relate to.

The protagonist, Holly, is creative, fun, and flawed, which makes her realistic and prompts her to push forward. My second favourite character is definitely the sarcastic and hilarious Brian.

“I loved the whole idea of a fantastical world where everything is about art. Magora is every young and old artist's dream!” (From Nadaness In Motion’s book review of Magora: The Gallery of Wonders)

Oh, and by the way, all four books have received five-star book reviews from me. I can be mean but the series is that good. It is not often that you find an author who is able to maintain their story and writing standard in a series, especially when books pick up after one another. 

Once you've started the series, I hope you'll join me in badgering Remus into publishing books 5 & 6 *angel's halo appears over my head*

About Marc Remus

Marc Remus has been a full-time painter for 20 years, which has prompted him to come up with Magora.
"I always wondered what it would be like to fall into one of my paintings," he says. "I have also painted the covers for all the Magora books, designed the logo, and did the interior layout."
You can check out his artwork at his websiteYou can also connect with Marc via FacebookTwitter and check out his TV documentary.

Author Update: Magora: The Gallery of Wonders (Book 1) is currently under translation to both German and Spanish. 

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