Saturday, August 31, 2013

Under the Moonlight

Footsteps resounded in the empty street. A couple of girls were passing by; they wouldn’t notice me. Few ever do.

The moonlight created strange shadows every night. It knew I was lonely and so it kept me busy till the sun came up and the world shone with hope.

I could hear their banging footsteps long before they came into sight. May be their stampeding steps weren’t so loud, but it sure felt and sounded like it. After all, the street was empty of everything and everyone else. It was past midnight and I think I heard them laughing. They must have been talking about some guy; it’s all people talk about these days.

I raised my head to meet the moon as it bathed me in its moonlight. We meet up every night. I think we like each other; a lonely sky-bound moon and lonely earth-bound flower.

This entry is for the VisDare #35 by Anonymous Legacy.
Story should be 150 words or less.

My story is 148 words.

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