Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year & 2016 Resolutions!

Happy New Year to all family, friends, fans, writers, poets, bloggers, supporters. Happy New Year to all!

The year 2015 was an eventful year, and I welcome and embrace 2016 with open arms and an open heart. I plan to make some serious changes this year, to myself and my life, with God's help of course.
While I did not carry out most of the resolutions I had planned for 2015 (some because I am to blame and some circumstances were just out of my hand), 2016 is a new start and a new page, one in which I plan to make each day count.
I have new goals this year, and I'm setting smaller ones than I did in 2015. If I finish them all, then well and good, if not, then may be 2017 will see those goals accomplished.

The past couple of years have been hectic and full of downs and pressures. I feel I'm suffering a burn-out and need to slow down and rejuvenate. That's why I am taking some time in 2016 to work on self-development, as a person, a professional and as a writer. I am making 2016 MY Year.

Resolutions for 2016:
1.      Be happy and strive to be happy even when things aren't going too smooth.
2.     Read. Read. Read. – I love reading and 2015 has taken a decent chunk of my reading time away from me.
3.   Write. Write. Write. I plan to write every day in 2016, if not every day then I have a target of 365 pieces by the end of the year. If I skip a day's writing, the next day needs to have two pieces written. These may include chapters to stories or blog posts or anything I can come up with. I won't set a number of words, pieces can be 100 words or 1000 or anything below, above or in between. The goal is to write.

4.     Search for publication opportunities.
5.     Read at least 6 Arabic books (any format).
6.    Read at least 6 paperback/hardcover books (any language).
7.   Revise and study German (I plan to do this on my own for a time, until I'm ready to restart classes instead of starting from Zero).
8.     Continue with Takhayyal, book reviewing and focus more on the blog and making it better.
9.     Support other authors, writers, and students interested in writing. I had this plan in 2015 to read more blog posts and comment more. Although, I didn't do the great job I had in mind, I plan to keep it up this year and hopefully get in touch with more blogs and writing.
All writers need support, whether in being told that they're doing good, redirecting them, or telling them the ups and downs of their pieces. Commenting on a post or simply sharing it anywhere on social media is great help to writers.
10. Stay away from negativity and negative people. If you're one of those people who emit negative energy, don't be upset if I argue with you or leave you alone altogether. This is my life and I plan to make it a happy one.
11.   Market my blog and writing more and learn how to professionally market them. (So, if you have any tips or suggestions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below or in a quick email! J )
12.  Keep on blogging. Guest posts and features are always welcome.
13.  While I plan to keep on with the book reviewing, I will not let it overwhelm me as it did in 2015 and in late 2014.
2016 is MY Year! I hope it will be a good one.

14.  Be happy J

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Make it YOUR Year and make every day, and every moment of it count. Stay positive, love always, be happy and seize the day! 
Carpe diem!

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