Sunday, May 8, 2016

100,000 page views! Can you believe it?

Late Saturday, the Nadaness In Motion blog passed the 100,000 page views milestone!
Can you believe it? I was over the moon.

To some 100,000 views might not be much, but for me it is. I started out my blog to post my poetry and writing and to get my work 'out there', outside my small circle of family and friends. I've struggled to keep the blog going for a while, and at times thought I should stop. But I didn't.

It has taken me several attempts to be able to post regularly – and occasionally I skip a day or two during the month when things get hectic – but still I feel I've made it and this number views has crowned my efforts into creating something that I can call my own.

When I began the blog, I thought what it would mean for me. But now that we both have grown, I realised that it is not just for me but for all other writers as well. I love featuring authors on my blog, whether through book blitzes, interviews, book reviews, guest posts or anything either of us can come up with.

There are so many amazing writers out there and sometimes I truly wish I can read all their books – but that is beyond human capacity, or at least beyond mine. So, my blog is a way to help them get out there, reach other people in different parts of the world that may have been out of reach for them or not in their planned book destinations.

Starting my blog has also made me discover what a 'book blogger' is and now I'm proud to be one.

As I said, I started my blog to get 'out there', and I have in more ways than one. Not only has my readership grown, but also I have met many beautiful people from across the globe. And that has made me proud of my achievements.

I'm not being narcissistic in anyway, I just realised how a person feels when they create something and bear its fruit through their own efforts.

Having a blog has also opened my eyes to marketing and the need for it. I've seen how authors struggle with marketing their books, and while it scares me, it has at least made me realise that writing a book isn't the only tough step in the process. Hence, my blog is a passageway for authors, and a place for me to learn, grow and become part of the writing world.

In other words, when I started the blog, I had simple ideas and plans. Now that it's been three years, these plans have become broader and more complex. 

I'll try to stop talking now. I just want to say:




I plan to continue with the blog, and for all authors, writers, poets, artists out there, get in touch with me. I have writing prompts that could use your work, poetry and stories that your comments can help improve and other posts that would help support authors like you or introduce you to authors you may have been unfamiliar with before.

Go through the pages and let me know if there is something else you'd like to see from me. I love hearing from everyone.

And as writers often say, comments/reviews are great, the good and the bad. Everything you do for someone is helpful to them.



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