Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aquamarine Dreams by Nada Adel Sobhi - Poem

I glide on the rhythmic water,
rising to meet the sun at first dawn.

Floating on the waves,
enjoying the new day;
my fins glitter silver
under the majestic sun.

I can hear the distant crashing
of waves upon rocks.
I can see an endless sea
spreading before me.

I dive with force,
plunging into enigmatic depths.
Living, mesmerizing colours, I see;
of orange, of yellow and of red.

Starfish and Rainbow fish...
Killer Whales saying 'hello';
playing with my fins,
I tease their black expanse.

Of seaweed and algae a-plenty,
of shaped rocks,
and naughty sharks nodding their heads
as I pass them.

Sunken ships galore,
with treasures never seen before;
gold pieces, coins and mighty swords,
and colourful jewels on my skin I try.

I am a Mermaid of the sea,
always swimming wild and free.


  1. i love your sense when it comes to examining and describing nature, it's amazing, i identify myself with nature actually and i felt you did the same, hats off girl (Y)

  2. fascinating dream :D it's like i'm seeing it all and feeling good & happy

  3. I really liked this poem, especially that it was visually strong! I felt that I can actually see what you describe, which is quite special for me since I'm a nature person and a really wild sea-person. The dilemma here, as the saying goes, that the mermaid is always lonely, but is she really so when she is in the company of all this beauty? I always think of that!