Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blog bits and plans

I've been thinking of ways to get more views to my blog and at the same get myself to write and post more. I've also been thinking of doing something special for Halloween – I know we're still in August BUT October coincides with both my personal birthday and my blog birthday. Nadaness In Motion turns 2 this October! *confetti*

I'll probably do a revamp around then – nothing too fancy since I'm not an expert in that area but still I'll do my best to give it a bit of Halloweenish look.

Now for the fun stuff

There are five Fridays this October with the 31st being the last Friday of the month (and the first Friday being the 3rd)
What I want to do is have one book review per week, along with an author interview – either for the book I'm reviewing or otherwise.

The book can either be a novella, a short story (or a long-short story), a short story collection, a poetry collection, or a collection that is a mixture of both poetry and short stories but should be centred around the Halloween, horror, dark, paranormal fantasy and/or gothic themes.

If you're not sure your book fits my profile, let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions from authors, readers, fans or anyone coming across this post, so please do not hesitate to help out.

To contact me, please send e-mail me at:

Check out my Goodreads Profile and my Facebook Page.

Also, any authors who are interested in doing Giveaways, or blog post swaps please contact me for a spot – it's all FREE, so no need to worry.

Note: I post my reviews to this blog, Goodreads and if you want Smashwords (I don't have access to Amazon – and when I do it's not under my name) and I share it on Twitter.

Note: NO ZOMBIES (if it's a story within a collection then fine but if it's a collection about zombies – I'm not interested)

Note: I may accept one or two Arabic books if they fall within the above criteria and will in this case provide both an English and an Arabic review of the book/collection/piece.

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