Thursday, March 9, 2017

Takhayyal writing prompt 57: Kom Ombo Awakens!

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, Artists, Poets, Writers, Authors, Dreamers, Friends and Family; Welcome EVERYONE to Nadaness In Motion's bi-weekly picture-prompt writing challenge Takhayyal.

This week I'm re-featuring friend and photographer Hager Moharram with a breathtaking and awe-inspiring natural shot of the temple in Kom Ombo, Egypt. (No editing has been done to this picture)

(This has nothing to do with the recent visits by Leo Messi and Will Smith to Egypt but you can always add them in your stories if you wish).

Shall we?

Photography by Hager Mohamed Moharram

If you would like to use the image in your post, please credit the photographer.

Arabic for Imagine, Takhayyal is a challenge for writers of all ages and genres; a place to spark creativity and explore new genres.
Your post can be in English or Arabic, prose, poetry, short story, flash fiction; you name it and write it.

General rules:
·        No nudity, violence, and/or abuse.
·        Leave the link to your post in comments below OR post your piece as REPLY to this post
·        Your piece MUST be inspired in some way or other by the above picture
·        Multiple entries allowed
·        It is not required but it is a nice and encouraging gesture to comment on others' pieces.
·        Feel free to add your Twitter handle (@....) so I can tag you in my tweets!


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