Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Guess Who'll be on a Judge on Your Laugh Line Book Awards!

Strap in! It’s going to be a hilarious ride!

I’ve got spectacular news to share!

I’ll be on the judging panel for Your Laugh Line’s upcoming award for the funniest book(s) every for 2017!

So what is this all about?

Starting on 1 February, Your Laugh Line begins its official search to find the funniest books written in 2017.  It’s like a quest for the Holy Grail (Monty Python or otherwise) but more important!

Our hope is that this book is so funny that it will end all war.

Okay.  Maybe not.

But we are looking for the best, hilarious books written last year. 

How does the contest work?

The contest has two components. One is a Reader’s Choice Award. Readers can log onto Your Laugh Line’s Voting section and enter the author and book of their choice. The author who receives the most reader votes will win $250 and an assortment of promotional help from Your Laugh Line.

The other component is an adjudicated contest for books submitted by authors and/or their publishers. The form is available at https://yourlaughline.com/laugh-line-humorous-book-awards. The cost to enter the competition is $20 per book. Those books will be judged by a panel of expert book reviewers. The winning author will receive $500, plus an assortment of promotional help from Your Laugh Line.

Authors can enter the competition between 1 February and 30 April.  Reader’s Choice voting runs from 2 February to 15 August. Books making it past the first round will be announced on 1 July, second round list on 1 August, and the final winner on 1 September. Honorable mentions will be made for category-specific books.

Author or reader – come and help us find last year’s funniest book! 

About Your Laugh Line

Your Laugh Line was created to help funny authors find an audience who appreciates funny books. Knowing the power of laughter to help alleviate stress, to provide the necessary mental distraction to give the brain a break, and to make people feel silly, Your Laugh Line is committed to making the world a better place through humorous books.
Find them via their official website and Twitter.

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