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Exclusive interview with E.E. Bertram, author of November Fox

It gives me great pleasure to feature author E.E. Bertram with what I'm sure you'll agree is a different kind of book/novel. In the interview, you'll learn more about the author, her writing, the book November Fox, and why it's take Esther five years to write, positive thinking, imagination, science fiction and more!

But first, who is this author?
E.E. Bertram (Esther Bertram) is an Author, Musician & Media Artist. Her dedication, creative mind, and technical skill set enable her to create innovative and original expressions, combining wisdom and fantasy, to assist her life’s mission – “To inspire wonder and growth.”  
After more than a decade of touring Europe and recording as a professional singer/songwriter and producer of electronic music, Esther has spent 5 years creating the media-fusion, metaphysical, fantasy, science fiction novel November Fox. The book incorporates Augmented Reality with a connected music project. This pioneering way of storytelling is on the leading edge of what is possible when you combine technology with art.

Book Name: November Fox – Book 1. Following Joy
(A Metaphysical Visionary Fable)
Genres: SciFi/Fantasy/New Adult/Metaphysical/Visionary Fiction
Audience: Broad age appeal. YA, New Adult & Adult
Unique Bonus: 39 Augmented Reality Images
Release Date: 1st November 2016 – Second Edition eBook and Paperback. This is the first version of the book that will be available to the public.

November Fox is an adventure story that follows the quest of November Fox, orphan rockstar, to unlock a mysterious teleporting cube she finds on her doorstep. It has many layers and levels plus eclipsing dimensions. Although it is quirky and out of the box in its own right, imagine a mix of The Alchemist, Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix.
Added Technology: Due to my interest in technology and media, I added 39 Augmented Reality Illustrations. Readers can scan the pictures with the Layer app and access interactive video and audio elements of November Fox’s tale. This enables readers to view things from the perspective of The Architect–the other-worldly narrator of the story.

Nadaness In Motion's Exclusive Interview with E.E. Bertram

A little bit about the author:

Q: Who are your favourite writers/authors?
EE: When I'm in a mood to relax, I’ve always loved Paulo Coelho as he finds a lovely mix between wisdom, mysticism and easy storytelling. Yet, I more often enjoy reading books where I learn about the brain, science, consciousness, the cosmos and philosophy. I have to admit one of my all-time favourites was Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I would love to meet him as I find his wisdom so logical, and being in the presence of someone who is so mindful and conscious, I’m sure would be an interesting and inspiring experience.

Q: Is November Fox your first novel? Have you been published elsewhere before?
EE: November Fox is my first novel. I've been writing songs since I was a child and I studied Music Composition at university. Yet before this book, the longest things I had written were an album of songs. I find there are quite a lot of similarities between song writing and book writing, as far as form of the overall structure is concerned. Yet it is quite a different art form. My travels as a touring and recording singer-songwriter around the world have influenced the content of writing. So the song writing has been complementary to the creation of the book in more ways than one.

Q: What other genres would you like to experiment with in the future?
EE: Like with my song writing, I’m a little unconventional. I don’t set out with a genre in mind. I just allow the story to flow and be written, and then afterwards see what genre it fits into. I hadn’t even heard of Visionary Fiction, or Metaphysical or New Adult until after I had written the book. It was my first editor that told me I am a Visionary Fiction author. I have sneaky suspicion though, with my intention for book two, it may fall into a crossover of New Adult Romance/Magic Realism/ Metaphysical.

Speaking of November Fox
Q: How many books are you planning for the series?
EE: At least three, yet there may be more. I have a an overall plan for three, yet depending on how I feel and how the characters feel in number three, we will see what should come next.

Q: What first inspired you to write November Fox?
EE: As I mentioned I’ve always been a songwriter, yet writing my first novel was driven by a deeper yearning. I felt a strong desire to do my part in inspiring the next generation of readers to find their purpose in life and ask deeper questions. Because we are living in a time of overwhelming media saturation, some people seem to be losing touch with themselves and nature. I wrote November Fox to inspire people to listen to their inner voices and follow their calling, amidst the cacophony of the digital age. Yet I housed these ideas and ideals in a scifi/fantasy, and added interactive Augmented Reality layers as I love using technology creatively. This element also serves to aptly deepen the story to represent the layered nature of human consciousness.

Q: I like the idea of 'imagination and positive thinking to remake herself and her world', can you elaborate more that? How does positive thinking drive the novel forward?
EE: Yes, I’m a big believer in creating your own reality, the law of attraction and the power of intention. A lot of what I have learnt about such subjects have been through my lucid dreams, where the power to manifest desired outcomes is based on your ability to be clear and open. November Fox has many obstacles to overcome to understand the workings of the teleporting cube “Joy” and over time, it becomes evident that it is through the “Feedback Loop” of positive thinking, that she can progress. There is a discussion in a chapter with The Now Tree, where the tree explains how the feedback loop works.

Q: Does the novel have any romance in it?
EE: Short answer is yes, some. Although I don’t wish to give it away so I won’t tell you between who. What I will say is there will be more romance in book 2.

Q: Can you explain to readers what is the metaphysical aspect of the novel (and/or provide an example)?
EE: Wikipedia explains the topic perfectly in the following description; Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy investigating the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it. Metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions:
1. Ultimately, what is there?
2. What is it like?
Much of November Fox is narrated from The Architect. He is an other-worldly entity that creates our world of form. He is extremely philosophical and asks many metaphysical questions as he yearns to understand the nature of reality. His only “World of Form” experience has been in creating it and observing/feeling it through November Fox, so through his intrigue and fascination, readers are also asked to re-examine their pre-conceptions of “what is.”

The Writing Process
Q: You mentioned that the book has been "five years in the making", why did it take so long for this book to come together?
EE: Yes, well just the text alone took a long time, as I had to re-write it many times as I was learning the craft of writing as I went. As soon as I’d finished writing a draft, I learnt something else about writing and had to go back to the manuscript and implement it.
Then came the digital elements of the book, the Augmented reality layers. These took a long time as well, as there are 43 videos as well as an album and an EP of music, and before any of this came the planning which was six months as well. Also there was the Kickstarter campaign, as I was doing it all myself it just took quite a while. I am quite sure the next book in the series will take a quarter of the time as I have learnt so much along the way.

Q: What was the hardest thing about writing November Fox?
EE: The hardest part is the endurance required to stick at it, year after year until the art form is ready for the world. Living a somewhat hermit lifestyle for so long was also quite tough. There were many days and weeks and months where I hardly saw any friends or left the comfort of my dressing gown. It's such a cathartic and intense experience to write a book and I compounded my workload by deciding to have the augmented reality components as well as connected music project. The stamina required was the hardest part.

Q: How much sci-fi goes into the novel? And did you have difficulty in not going over the top with the sci-fi element?
EE: There are four or so chapters set in the future at a time where AI [artificial intelligence] are almost like humans. And there are also a few parts in the book about quantum physics and other fascinating science-based ideas. The whole framework structure of how the cube and the levels work is based on one of my own theories, so it is my own experiential science turned into fiction.
I didn’t have difficulty not going over the top as I wanted the novel to remain within plausible possibilities. That is actually why I cut out four chapters for the second edition. I felt like those chapters, although interesting in their own way, took the story one step too far. So I’m calling the first limited edition hardback, the director's cut.

Q: The Augmented reality images are in ebook form only or print as well? (or November Fox only an ebook)?
EE: The Augmented Reality Images work best with the Print editions of the book as you can lay the book flat on the table and use your tablet or phone to access the interactive 3D elements, yet if you have two devices, one for the ebook and another for the Augmented reality, it also works with the ebook.

November Fox is currently FREE on Amazon on 11 and 12 November.

Connect with E.E. Bertram via her Website, the official November Fox website, Twitter, Instagram

What reviewers have said about November Fox

You will be irresistibly drawn into the extraordinary adventures of November Fox, orphaned rock star, as she finds the answers to life’s most confounding and compelling questions. November battles her personal demons through adventures that straddle identities and realities and finds her way through real and fantastical realms to a new awareness. Challenging situations, provocative theories and fantastic characters will tease you on.
Expect the unexpected and to be confronted with other ways of thinking, seeing and being as the incredible becomes the credible and then back again, and time, place and characters take on new dimensions and realities. Effortlessly interwoven sub-plots subtly build behind the story, giving the tale depth and intrigue. The Augmented Reality illustrations give this book a unique visual and audio element, adding to the many ways November Fox and her cast of real and bizarre characters will challenge you. There’s no question you will be left craving more. – Lynne B.

Wow, thank-you for a wonderful story, it really moved me and I cried at least 3 times. I love the soundtrack album as well! – Simon Woolven

'She paused for a moment as the mood in the room went quickly from a light-hearted cake break to being as deep and reflective as a moonlit lake at midnight.' This excerpt from the book describes this idiosyncratic fantasy chronicle perfectly. It's a journey through the fantastical and is not just escapist but reflects the real world though departing from it. On November's adventure, the reader gets to re-examine their conceptions of time and space and leave behind 'real world' mundanity. In that departure, we are shown that reality has more fantastical elements than first realised.
November Fox is a stream of consciousness narrative which renders a flow of myriad impressions... visual, auditory, physical, associative and subliminal. The writer incorporates snatches of incoherent thought and free association of ideas, images, and words to capture the total flow of their characters’ consciousness.
A promising narrative with a truly innovative digital experience,
one can look forward to the next in the series. – Di Ebert

Remember: The book is FREE for 2 days only here.

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