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7 Reasons Why You Should Sign-Up for The Freelance Writers' Den before Time Runs Out!

June is the season to be jolly especially if you're a freelance writer. Why? Because Carol Tice is opening the Freelance Writers Den to new members! And it's a great community.

(Note: This post contains affiliate links, so if you make any purchases, I get a tiny percentage, and we're both happy. And NO I wasn't asked or paid to do this post)

What is the Freelance Writers Den?
It's an exclusive community of freelance writers and gurus sharing tips they've learnt over the years when it comes to freelance writing. Whether you're writing blog posts, web copy, white papers, e-books, or anything in between, you'll find a ton of resources. 

And if you don't find the topic or resource you're looking for, you have a forum to ask questions, where over a 1,000 freelance writers with experience ranging from a few months to decades can answer your questions.

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What do I think of the Freelance Writers Den?
I've been a member for a year and a half, and while I could have used my membership more – yes there's a membership but it's not what you're thinking and more on that later  here is what I like and dislike about the Den.

First the cons:
-         Because I live in Egypt, the pricing mechanisms are completely different from my local market. For example, people can charge $0.50 per word and sometimes $1 per word, if you're in the Middle East and Egypt, your eyes – like mine – are probably glazing over these rates. Still, these rates can guide you when dealing with international clients.
-         Sometimes I feel that the content provided is a bit repetitive
Now onto the pros
-         I like the community. Everyone wants to help you. And being surrounded by people from all walks of life, who don't know you but want to help you is priceless.
-         The fee is affordable – just $25 a month (That's less than EGP 420 at current rates, which less than any course you'll find and there little to no writing courses in Egypt to begin with!)
-         Then Den is great for newbie and seasoned writers alike. There's a lot of food for thought and lots of topics to be discussed. Plus you can get your work critiqued in the forums. (Like if you have a blog post idea you want to get feedback on or if you think your email marketing needs a boost...etc)
-         I enjoy the bootcamps and have learnt a ton from them.
The Den offers quarterly bootcamps, which are 4-week online workshops with a specialized freelance writer from a certain field (ex: ebooks, selling, social media…etc) alongside the Den's founder (aka the Den Mother) Carol Tice or Moderator Angie Mansfield – both with over a decade of experience in freelance writing. During these 4 weeks, you get to either pay a discounted $97 for the course, study the content, do homework and get expert feedback OR you don't pay at all and work the course material on your own.
-         You can study old and new bootcamps any number of times you like. You download the PDFs, listen to the audio and presentation, and you can do the homework and get feedback through the forum. This feedback won't be from the "expert" giving the bootcamp but you'll definitely find others who've had some form experience with what you're working on.
-        There is also a section called the Resource Library where you'll find audios with freelancers who talk about particular topics for an hour. Now, I'll mention that some of the experts they bring in the resource library are amazing and some not so much. There were a couple of audios that I didn't complete because I felt the content wasn't strong – but that could be that the content didn't relate to me.
-      There's also a job board, where you can find some freelance writing assignments. I'll confess I've not been able to use it much because many ask for freelance writers within the US but it's there and it can give you an idea sometimes about fees and available freelance writing gigs.

For me, two of the bootcamps, I absolutely loved and have learnt greatly from were Writing Persuasive Sales Copy with Belinda Weaver and Writing E-books with Steve Slaunwhite. Since then, I've been following Weaver's blog and taking on any other bootcamps by Slaunwhite.

So, would I recommend The Freelance Writers' Den?
The answer is: Yes.

Is there a fee?
Yes, but don't fret. I pay $25 a month.
Not a hefty sum, and while I haven't been making maximum use of my $25 monthly payment, I will be doing exactly that in the coming period.

How do you pay?
There are PayPal and a Credit Card options.

How can I get the maximum value for my money?
Log in as much as you can. There is no limit to how much of The Freelance Writers' Den trainings you can study in a day, week or month. So, make time and gobble up as much information and training as you can.

How many people are currently in The Freelance Writers' Den?
Over a 1000!

Can I get a taste of The Freelance Writers' Den?
Yes! Here's a free PDF on 8 Ways to Get Editors' Emails

8 Ways to Get Editors' Emails. Free PDF for writers! - DOWNLOAD NOW

As I said The Freelance Writers' Den is an exclusive community, which means it's not open all-year-round for anyone to join. It opens twice a year.

At the moment, the opportunity to Sign Up for the Freelance Writers' Den. And as a Den member, I recommend you give it a shot. If you don't like it, you can get a FULL REFUND within 14 days of signing up or you can opt out any time afterwards.

I've been on the Den for a year, and there's lots I still need to go through.

Last but not least, while my intention was to grow my freelance writing skills and establish myself in the field, I picked up a LOT about marketing and writing in general that have helped me in my current and previous full-time jobs.

If you're still unsure if this place is for you, check out some writers' success stories – how people have grown their freelance writing businesses or scored retainer clients after joining the Den.

Hurry up! Just a little time left!

If you feel you're not yet ready to commit $25 per month to self-help, well that's you BUT Tice has written several books on earning better as a freelance writer and generating income from your blog.

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Here's the Sign Up link again for the Freelance Writers' Den

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