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Witches at the Wedding by Alison Golden – Book Review

At last, here is my book review of Witches at the Wedding by Alison Golden.

I'm super happy to be part of Golden's street team to help her promote her books. And that's how I got a free copy of Witches at the Wedding. This has not affected my review in any way whatsoever.


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A body in a barn. A secret from the past. Wedding plans can be murder...

Reverend Annabelle Dixon is back! A vicar with a taste for sweets and a nose for crime, Annabelle seems doggedly distracted from her impending wedding to Inspector Nicholls. Much to the dismay of her wedding organizer, Philippa.

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So when a visiting priest stumbles over a corpse in a cow barn, Annabelle is all too eager to investigate. But when an ancient journal links the victim to a travesty from the past, Annabelle wonders if she’s in over her head. Meanwhile, the inspector has his hands full with potential suspects... And a troubling lack of clues.

Disgruntled laborers, absent relatives, a group of sinister travelers... The list of possible killers seems endless. But when someone burns down Annabelle and Mike’s wedding marquee days before the ceremony, they find themselves in a race against time.

Can Annabelle solve this disturbing crime, and banish her wedding day jitters once and for all, before it’s too late?

Witches at the Wedding is the eighth in a furiously fast-paced, funny new series featuring a young female vicar whose passion and dedication to her parish are matched only by her weakness for cake.

If you like quirky characters, clever puzzles, and a touch of sweet romance, then you’ll love Alison Golden’s deliciously addictive storytelling.

**This series of books are clean cozy mysteries that contain no swearing or graphic descriptions of violence or bedroom activities. There are even recipes in the back!**

Book Review of Witches at the Wedding

Is Annabelle running away from her wedding responsibilities or can't she just pass up another chance to solve a mystery?

Witches at the Wedding marks my 4th read in the Reverend Annabelle Dixon Mystery Series and overall my 9th read (!) for Alison Golden. It is sadly the final book in this fun series.

"Only three days left! And she's barely prepared anything!"

As you can see Witches at the Wedding starts off strong with the third person view of Philipa, Annabelle's and the Upton St. Mary Church's cook.

In this final book in the Reverend Annabelle Dixon Mystery Series, Annabelle has accepted Inspector Mike Nicholls' marriage proposal and they're due to get married. In three days!

And if you're wondering if Annabelle manages to land herself in a mystery within those three days… then you're right! She does!

"It's a strange case. Nothing stolen. A victim who seemed to have had little contact with the outside world. And yet such a violent, grisly murder. It almost feels personal, intimate."

Unlike previous books, the murder in Witches at the Wedding is pretty gruesome. Though as cozy mysteries go, we don't see the murder itself. Phew!

Annabelle seems to be running away from the responsibilities of getting married – I mean who hasn't chosen their cake or tried on their dress three days before the wedding?! So when a mystery knocks on her door, Annabelle dives straight in.

"Oh it was never a question of trust, Annabelle," Mike said. "I always have faith" –he winked at her– "that you'll get yourself into trouble eventually,."

There's lots hanging on this particular case. Inspector Mike Nicholls, Annabelle's husband-to-be, would get a promotion if he solves this case before his wedding day. And if the case is closed quickly, then Annabelle can get back to planning and going-on-with her wedding.

In their search for the killer, Annabelle and Nicholls come across a group of people – gypsies – living on the outskirts of the town. There, one of the women who is said to be a fortune teller, gives a reading to the couple, albeit separately, adding to the scary sense that Annabelle may not go forward with the wedding.

"You are a good, steadfast woman. There are dark forces at play. More than your people understand. These shadows are seeking, observing, and hiding in plain sight."

As always, Annabelle is funny but even more so is Philippa who is struggling to manage and prepare for the wedding.

I enjoyed this final conclusion to the Reverend Annabelle Dixon Mystery Series. Golden has a surprise and interesting ending so I'll leave it at that.

I find that Witches at the Wedding is a great conclusion to the series. Though I'd love to see more of the Annabelle-Nicholls couple having their own series again or making an appearance in another series by Golden.


Overall rating for Witches at the Wedding by Alison Golden: 4.5 stars


Note: I received a free copy of Witches at the Wedding from its author Alison Golden for being part of her street team. This in no way affected my review of the book.


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