Monday, November 11, 2013

Ghosts of the Falls - Review

Ghosts of the Falls by Sarah Gilman is a sweet and highly enjoyable romantic paranormal novella.

Set in Maine, the United States, the novella begins by introducing the reader to exorcist Jade Clarence, who has been given a final opportunity to prove herself capable of working in the family business of exorcism, which deals with earth-bound ghosts not with demonic possessions as seen in movies.

Jade Clarence goes to Maine to exorcise a ghost, and meets Dutch. Jade is different; she knows that exorcisms are painful for the ghosts, whom she does not feel should always suffer. Some are innocent and do not deserve the torment that accompanies an exorcism. So she is a kind of noble exorcist. She tells Dutch “For years, I’ve been researching, trying to write an incantation that would send spirits on to the next world without hurting them, to heaven or hell or wherever they’re supposed to go.”

Jade has a Tinker Bell figurine in her car and likes to compare herself to Tinker Bell whom she says is a "feisty girl who puts up with a bunch of boys," which rings true.

Throughout the seven-chapter novella, Jade explains to Dutch how exorcism works, and reflects on her most recent experience, that of a troubled teenage spirit.

Ghosts of the Falls is a novella in which a ghost finds life in death and where an exorcist finds love and warmth in the ghost.

The language of Ghosts of the Falls is simple with lots of dialogue and short paragraphs, all which add to the quick pace of the novella. The dialogues provide information, interaction between characters and bits of comic relief and romance mixed with comic relief.

The novella has a slight fairy-tale feel to it, but with a remarkable twist in the end.

The book also contains two excerpts from Gilman’s other works, namely Deep in Crimson and Wings in Redemption.

I couldn’t put Ghosts of the Falls down and I am excited to read more by Sarah Gilman. Every girl/woman will want her own ‘Dutch’ after reading Ghosts of the Falls.

Special thanks to author Sarah Gilman and Katie Clapsadl from Entangled Publishing for providing me with a free copy for this review.

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