Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twin Magnolia: A Soul Call - Review

Twin Magnolia: A Soul Call by Victoria Popescu is a novella of soul-healing and self-discovery.

It is narrated in the first person by Claudia, whose life has been filled with death and disappointment. She embarks on a journey to Kauai, Hawaii and spends several weeks with her grandmother’s best friend Tarana, the healer.

Like old Shakespearean plays, Twin Magnolia: A Soul Call is divided into five chapters, with each chapter divided into smaller ‘scenes’ or parts. The third chapter is the backbone of the novella and is the longest chapter, covering around sixty percent of it; while the resolution comes at the end in the fifth and final chapter. 

The novella focuses on Claudia’s healing process with Tarana. The latter is around 80 years of age and has accumulated a life-long knowledge of healing. She tells Claudia about the ‘chakras’ of the body and soul and their colours. These ‘chakras’ sound like what we know as the auras. The novella is filled with interesting material such as the uses of mint and colours and their ability to heal.

The reader often feels that Claudia is obsessed with finding love. We learn that she feels incapable of love and that she yearns for her soul-mate; her other half. Luckily, this search takes the reader’s soul to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and through Tarana’s healing process.

Popescu relies heavily on the reader’s senses particularly the senses of sight and smell. The novella handles the soul and how it needs to let go of pain and fear in order to begin its healing process. Tarana prescribes several common and medicinal herbs such as drinking thyme and mint to help Claudia heal.

We see Claudia’s character and soul develop slowly throughout the novella. Simple things act as progress. For example, the haircut Claudia gets is seen as a means of shedding the old routine. It is accompanied by more painting and the desire to look good and attractive.

There are many references regarding a person’s soul in connection with nature and the earth, and how that affects one’s soul and sense of happiness.

Twin Magnolia: A Soul Call has this slight feel of the supernatural with regards to the healing process and how Tarana, through experience, has gained the ability to read people, sense their pain and heal it.

Twin Magnolia is certainly unlike any book I’ve ever read!

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