Sunday, November 3, 2013

Once Upon a Night Sky

I look at the sky,
Close my eyes,
Take a deep breath,
And those once faraway stars
Come closer to me.

The darkness fades to light.

I open my eyes,
And there I am,
Gliding amidst the stars.

I spread my wings and fly.

I feel the wind on my face,
Fondling my hair.

I see the many colours,
And many wonders
Of the once-believed night sky.

I move from cloud to cloud,
I spread my wings and soar
With the eagles…

As I go higher, I realize
I am soaring
With magical magnificent mythical dragons.

The colours,
The wonders,
The beauty,
All enchant me…

- Another deep breath –

I feel the cold stony surface underneath me,
I hear the waves beside me, crashing,
I feel the wind blow, but not playfully.

I look around…

Everything is cold, ordinary;
No magic.

I look to the sky,
I see many shiny
Twinkling little stars
And then,
I remember…

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