Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce - Book Review

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce is the first installment in The Immortals series. The story focuses on thirteen-year-old Daine, who has ‘a knack with animals’. She speaks to them with their mind.

With, her home destroyed and her family – mother and grandfather – killed, Daine leaves with her pony, Cloud, to find work and a place to escape those who killed her family.

She becomes Onua’s assistant and helps drive ponies and horses to Tortall (the capital of the Kingdom). On the road, the two women meet new creatures and Daine discovers new abilities, but is still unable to control them. She also meets the powerful mage Numair and later becomes his student. He tells her that she possesses wild magic and teaches her how to harness it better.

We see Daine’s character develop as does her magic and her abilities – which continue in the second installment of the series Wolf-Speaker. Tamora Pierce gives a new dimension to all creatures, mortal and immortal, with many interesting additions to creatures like dragons, as well as new ones like Stormwings.

In Wild Magic, Daine goes from a child with no family and no ‘Gift’ to a wielder of wild magic. She makes many important and close friendships with people like Numair, King Jonathan, Queen Thayet and others.

As a fan of animals in general, and horses and magical creatures in particular, I could not put Wild Magic down.

In Wolf-Speaker, the second book in The Immortals series, we follow Daine as her abilities grow and as her adventures continue alongside her pony Cloud, the mage Numair and others.

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