Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alive Again

Surrounded by tranquil earth and trees, I stood head bent, back bowing. The sinister screeches of cars on tarmac, endless rush-hour beeping, peddlers selling no one cares what… all these sounds washed away as a wave washes the shore taking all the odds and ends on the beach to the dark depths to be long forgotten.
The silence was warming, serene; it was more than welcome.
Once all the chatter and clatter had died, I inhaled deep.
It was by far the most fragrant and energetic breath I’d inhaled in a very long time. I felt life gush through my veins as though I were a half-dead human, being awakened from a long life of hypnosis and routine.
Another breath and I could soar.
I opened my eyes. The sounds of life hurled and stabbed at all my senses, but I was different.
I was alive again, ready to face and embrace the world.

This piece was written for Friday Flash Fiction Contest.
I think we all need that deep breath to reinvigorate us again.

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