Friday, December 19, 2014

Call of the Sea

The wind caresses my face, my hair, my whole being. Merging with the sea, the salty wind brings back memories of a long forgotten past. A tear falls to the never-ending expanse of water before me.

Then I hear him calling; the sea to me:

'Let go,
Come to the sea,
Let go,
Be forever free.'

Oh how I long to succumb to your call oh mighty Poseidon!
How I have missed our home!

The water flows cold at my feet. It comes to the shore, slowly trying to pull me back within. If only I can let go… If only… but I cannot; not now.

We will be together soon. I will be free and so will my baby.

Don't break my heart
For I will return;
And in the darkest night
My freedom will shine bright,
Bursting from your depths within
Shine, will our bright-coloured fins

This piece was originally written for one of the Flash Friday! contests

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