Friday, January 2, 2015

Takhayyal – New picture-prompt series

I have been thinking about how many of the picture-prompt contests or challenges that I took part in have either stopped or have been halted indefinitely. There are others I take part in from time to time; however, they do not put up pictures that I like or that inspire me.
While I realise that images I put up may not be inspirational for others, one must at least try; if not for others' muse then for one's own muse.

Hence, I would like to begin a picture challenge. There will be no prizes or the like, but like Angela Goff's VisDare and Lillie McFerrin's five-sentence fiction (FSF), this picture prompt will be posted weekly to try to get that brain working and those words flowing.

Pictures will range from random stuff I find online, to artwork sent by fans, friends or anyone interested in having their work featured for a whole week on Nadaness In Motion and seeing how others get inspired by it.

I will be using the Inlinkz gadget, so bloggers and writers can add a link to their piece(s). Those who do not have a blog can simply post their piece in the comments below the post and I will get back to all pieces. I hope others will do the same, even if it is just to return the favour.

Reading and commenting on each other's pieces is a kind gesture, which most writers and bloggers like to return. It is often a means of encouragement that I hope those inspired by my pieces would consider doing.

Takhayyal, which will be the name of this picture-prompt series, is Arabic for 'imagine' and the prompt will be open to both English and Arabic writers, whether poetry, flash fiction or just artistic prose.

I reiterate that artists are welcome and encouraged to send me their work to be featured as the weekly prompt. Though I am more partial to pictures about fantasy, dark fantasy, the paranormal, the elements and nature, all images will be considered. Photography will also be acceptable. Images may not contain nudity.

A caption will go with either the artwork or the photograph with the artist's or contributor's name and the name/title of their work.

When will I post these prompts? I'm thinking Thursdays to coincide with everyone's different weekends.

The prompts will begin in February or the last week in January, both to prepare and since one Thursday was the New Year's and another is likely to be skipped while I'm away with no internet access.

The first prompt will go live on either Thursday, 29th of January, 2015 OR Thursday, 5th of February, 2015. (Suggestions as to the start date are more than welcome).

Once the series is launched, I will be using the hashtag #Takhayyal with my tweets and posts.

Comments, questions, suggestions related to this picture-prompt series also welcome. Please post your comments or ideas below, in response to this post, or email me at:

It goes without saying that I will need your help for publicity, tweets and retweets, and of course writing.

Let's get ready to imagine!

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