Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend in Branson – Guest Post

I love a chance to bring you something new from time to time, so today I'm featuring this guest post by April from Branson Missouri. Enjoy!

Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend in Branson

Widely considered as the most popular vacation city and family-friendly destination in the Midwest, Branson, Missouri has countless of things to offer for the whole family. There are more than enough attractions for ever body in this city, from cozy and luxurious accommodations to exciting day trips and outdoor adventures. As a matter of fact, this city in the Ozark Mountains is regarded as the ‘mecca of family attractions in the Midwest’, quite an impressive title considering all the beautiful places in Missouri. If you and your friends or family is looking for ways to enjoy your weekend in Branson, then you have come to the right page, as we will break down the best things this city can offer.

Adventure to the Great Outdoors

If your friends or family are nature lovers, then Branson is definitely the place for a weekend vacation. The cave tour in Talking Rocks Cavern (which is only 12 miles from Silver Dollar City, Branson’s biggest and most popular theme park) offers a unique kind of adventure for tourists in groups. This tour takes guests to an hour of cave tour that features wonderful landscape of glistening crystal formations.
If you and your friends are not into caving, then you can head o the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, a massive 2,200 acre nature park that includes waterfalls, beautiful trails, and wooden glens, perfect for travelers looking for tranquil spots to unwind and enjoy the nature’s beauty.

Ride Exciting Roller Coaster Rides

No weekend vacation in Branson will ever be complete without a visit to Missouri’s biggest and most visited theme park – the Silver Dollar City. There tons of great attractions inside this theme park, along with exciting rides and great choices of shops, cafes and restaurants. This theme park has everything for the whole family. For folks looking for some adrenaline rush, there are quite a lot of choices to choose from. The Outlaw Run roller coaster for example, is famous world-wide for its award-winning qualities such as the ‘2nd fastest wooden roller coaster ride’ and the ‘steepest track’. Also, it’s the very first wooden roller coaster ride on Earth with death-defying upside twists and double-barrel rolls.

Hop on the Balloon

Want to see the entirety of the city from up above? Hop on the hot air balloon ride! The Branson Balloon lets you see the whole beauty of the Ozark Mountains with an amazing 360 degree view as you float 180 feet above the ground. This balloon company has been in the business for more than 20 years, which gives you a good idea of their reputation and attention to safety. They offer 24-7 balloon ride, weather permitting of course.

Unwind with a Glass of Wine

After a day or two of long walks, watching live music, magic and various entertainment shows, and adrenaline-pumping theme park rides, you deserve to relax and chill. If you love wines, then you have plenty of options in Branson. Stone Hill Winery is a great place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. This company perfectly combines the rustic taste of traditional wine with high-tech strategies and machineries. It’s the oldest and the best winery in Missouri, and they offer a wide range of wine products.

About the Author:
April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Midwest traveling, and log cabin experiences.

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