Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Colours - Takhayyal 19

The colours swam on the page. A rainbow of big polka dots jumping here and there. Then, a sea appeared, turquoise and turning darker deeper within. The sun shone perfectly, not too hot it scalds your skin and not too distant, you don’t feel its presence.
I could even hear laughter ringing in my ears and at one point thought it was my own.

Don’t burst my bubble.

Let me live and dance. Go round and round and round till I get dizzy and fall to the ground, to the green earthen bed. Let me close my eyes till my head stops spinning then open them to see the sun shining, radiating happiness, warmth, love and above all colour.

This piece was inspired by the above picture and is written for the bi-weekly picture prompt challenge Takhayyal.
As always comments are highly appreciated. And if you have the time, check out what this image has inspired in others here.

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