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Excerpt from The Concealed by Sarah Kleck - Blog Tour

The Concealed by Sarah Kleck
Publication date: 1 November, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

“Can you be happy when what you desire most means your doom?”
Evelyn Lakewood, an orphan, is crushed after the death of her beloved sister Zara. But the nineteen-year old enrolls in Psychology at Oxford in honor of Zara.
There, Evelyn first becomes friends with vivacious Sally and seemingly charming Felix. But the encounter with Jared Calmburry, whose incredibly blue eyes immediately captivate her, fundamentally changes her life. She is instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger around whom unusual things happen and who simply disappears every time Evelyn tries to confront him about his puzzling behavior.
After finding a mysterious book with a unique symbol on its leather cover in the university library, her curiosity is perked. She doesn’t know what to make of it but Jared’s best friend Colin Sullivan encourages her with cryptic hints to continue her search for evidence. When she discovers the same medieval symbol is worn by hostile professor Karen Mayflower and engraved on another faculty member’s seal ring, she realizes that an ancient secret surrounds Jared.

An excerpt from The Concealed

“Sleep well, Evelyn,” he said and exhaled lightly. Then he stroked my cheek so with the back of his hand that I hardly felt it. I gasped. Although he had barely touched me, his fingers left a hot tingling on my skin. I shut my eyes but he let his hand fall away. A second later, Jared turned and walked toward his car.
No! I couldn’t let him walk away this time. I had to know what it all meant and why he behaved so strangely toward me. He definitely owed me a few answers!
“Wait!” I desperately cried out and ran after him. I caught up with him after a few steps, and he stopped and turned toward me. All of a sudden, I forgot what I wanted to ask him—I didn’t even know anymore why I’d run after him. His stunning appearance left me in awe. He looked at me, and, as before, I could see he was infinitely sad.
At that moment, I longed for nothing more than to see him happy. To make him happy.
I didn’t know what it was about. Maybe because we were alone and darkness hid us like a protective cloak from curious onlookers. Maybe it was because this feeling was even more intense than before. But I finally lost my last shred of self-control. I didn’t know why and I really didn’t care, but at that moment I gave in to my inner longing, threw my arms around Jared’s neck, and kissed him. For a second, he stood there motionless, then he wrapped his arms around me. One hand on my hip, the other on my back, he pulled me in and pressed my body so tightly against his I could feel his heart hammering wildly in his chest. He returned my kiss with a heartfelt sigh—long and intense. Then he withdrew and moved his lips along my neck while moaning with each breath, moving his hand along my back and pulling me even closer. Almost trembling I threw my head back and wrapped my arms even tighter around his neck. Every muscle in my body appeared to vibrate.
“Oh God, Evelyn,” he whispered into my ear. A second later I again felt his lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth. I had pictured countless times what it would be like to be so close to Jared . . . but reality made fantasy pale in comparison. It was so much better than I had ever dreamed. I attempted to pull him closer to me and prayed the moment would never end. But in the next second, he detached himself, pushed me gently away, and looked into my eyes. I wanted to melt into his arms but he held me back with gentle pressure.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered, full of pain, stroked my cheek one last time, got into his car, and drove off into the darkness.

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About the Author:
Sarah Kleck, born in 1984, studied Education, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Augsburg.
Currently, she’s working as a human resources officer and lives with her husband and a newborn in Germany near Lake Constance.
The Concealed is her first novel

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