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Alice and Claudio in a Tuscan Garden - Guest post by E. Graziani

Today, I'm featuring author E. Graziani as part of a blog tour for her new novel Alice-Angel of Time with a guest post.

Hello to my good friend Nada and all her followers. Many thanks for hosting me on this blog tour celebrating the launch of my newest title, the sequel to Alice of the RocksAlice-Angel of Time in which the conclusion of Alice and Claudio's journey will be available for all to read!

Book: Alice-Angel of Time
Author: E. Graziani
Publisher: Morning Rain Publishing
Publication Date: September 2016


Their love transcends time, space, and conflict. 

Alice Ferro did not travel 500 years into the past to save her soulmate from persecution only to discover her journey had been in vain! Forced to return from 1512 Italy to 2029 Canada without him, she cannot focus on family, school, or friends as thoughts of Claudio constantly flood her mind. When she discovers her love’s future is dire, Alice decides she must return to the past to save him once and for all.

With some help, a bit of deceit, and a lot of determination, Alice sets off to rescue Claudio. Unfortunately, she hadn’t planned on things going so terribly wrong, and she soon finds her own life in peril.

Written with charm and intelligence, the sequel to Alice of the Rocks encompasses everything you could want in a young adult, time-travel romance. Adventure, true love, intrigue, and dynamic characters fill the pages alongside the elegant landscape of Renaissance Italy.

The theme of the tour is A Virtual Tuscany Tour with Ali and Claudio

I thought that since I recently traveled to Italy, that I would share some pics that relate directly back to my novel, Alice-Angel of Time. I hope they inspire you to pick up a copy! I also want to send out a huge thank you to Priya Prithviraj, of Writerly Yours for putting all this together. This blog tour would not have happened if it were not for Priya and Jennifer Jaquith, my managing editor at Morning Rain Publishing. Go to the Writerly Yours website for a full schedule of the entire tour – there are lots of interviews, reviews and other great stuff coming up!

In the meantime, I would like to share some inspirational pics with you – they are pictures taken by me, this summer when I travelled through Italy. 

Some of the sites we visited follow in the footsteps of our feisty heroine, Alice and her one true love, Claudio as they walked in Alice of the Rocks

Live every twist and turn in the plot, walk in the garden with them when they share their first kiss, and race through the streets of Renaissance Florence with them to escape the Medici guards. Its sequel was released on 15 September, 2016, and I am so excited for all my friends out there to read it - Alice-Angel of Time!

The first picture is of the Boboli Garden. This green oasis in Florence is the setting of Alice and Claudio’s first kiss, where they fall hopelessly in love.

The second is of a quiet spot in amongst the sprawling garden, where Claudio explains to Alice who she really is and where she comes from – it took a lot of convincing, but she finally did believe him.

I hope these lovely images of a calm garden in the city of Florence have pleased you – thanks to Nada Adel Sobhi for having me as her guest.

Keep up with the rest of the tour for more guest posts, book reviews and other posts at Priya’s blog here.

Find Alice-Angel of Time on Goodreads.

Author Bio

E. Graziani is a teacher, author, speaker and life-long learner. She enjoys incorporating strong female characters into her writing, to help inspire her readers. She has worked with the Alzheimer Society of Canada to raise awareness and educate people regarding this disease. Graziani regularly speaks to young people about her books, inspiration for writing and the publishing process.

Graziani has written War in My Town (Second Story Press), which was selected by Canadian Children's Book Centre as one of their "Best Books for Kids and Teens" - Fall 2015.
Graziani has written three other books, Alice of the Rocks and Alice-Angel of Time for young adults and Jess Under Pressure, a women's fiction novella (Morning Rain Publishing). She resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband and four daughters.

Connect with E. Graziani via GoodreadsTwitter, FacebookHer website.

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