Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Favourite Colour - Blog Post

The other day, I was asked what my favourite colour was.

I thought of the blue sea, the green grass, the pink of the unicorn logo for my blog. But every time I thought of a colour, my mind went to black, how it fit with all the other colours, how it blends and contrasts. It can go unnoticed or it can make stars sparkle in a black expanse of a sky.

The colour just kept coming back to me.

I love colours in general; I paint several shades on my nails; I've dyed my hair pink, blue and purple before; I can't take down notes with a single pen, there has to be at least two. I rarely wear all-black and when I do, I just a little of something else, a bright red or pink lipstick, green nail polish, a rose or labradorite necklace. Anything to break the black but still make it look good. Not a sad black.

I've written about black before, how it's a misunderstood colour. But the question lingered with me.

Yes blue and green are calming colours and I love mixing them with black, navy blue, beige or white. But I don't know. Black just stuck with me.

The background of my blog is black and I like it because it allows me to use any font colour I like – with minor exceptions.

It was a simple question. Colours say a lot about people and I wondered for a minute if I should say something else but I didn't.

I love all colours. All I want is to blend them right.

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