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Everything That Was Us by E. Graziani – Interview & Blog Tour

Today is my stop on the virtual book tour via Writely Yours for E. Graziani and her new book Everything That Was Us.

This isn't my first time featuring Graziani. A few years ago, I read her novel Jess Under Pressure and I absolutely loved it. It's still one of my recommended reads.

After that I featured Graziani's time-travel romance Alice-Angel of Time with a guest post.

This month, Graziani has a different kind of novel and what better way to learn about it other than through an exclusive interview with the author herself.

But first let me tell you about the book.

And look at that amazing book cover!


Book: Everything That Was Us

Author: E. Graziani

Genre: Women’s fiction, romance

Number of pages: 323

Publication date: 8 February 2021

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press



What would you do for a secret love?

Despite not speaking for nearly twenty years, Massimo Damiani, a 'rags-to-riches' oil executive, summons Sofie to his hospice bedside in picturesque Tuscany—his last wish? reconcile their stormy history and set long-buried secrets to rest.

Sofia Romano, a powerful Wall Street banker in Manhattan’s financial district, reeling with heartache in her rocky marriage, ignores her husband's protests, and flies to Italy to comfort the dying man from her past.

With old promises tugging at her heart and the memory of a tempestuous love that grew and crumbled time and again, will Sofia ever come to terms with the flaws in her marriage and gain the strength to rebuild it?

Tagline: Their pride tore them apart—a promise brought her back.


Exclusive Interview with Edy Graziani

Q: A little cliché but… what inspired you to write Everything that Was Us?"

Edy: Inspiration can come to me from anywhere…a picture in a magazine, a holiday, a movie, a couple I see at a cafe…it was really the start of a kernel of an idea that then grew into a story that evolved into Sofie and Max’s life story.

I love writing about Italy, especially the province of my heritage – Tuscany. It’s romantic, steeped in culture, gorgeous landscapes…how can you not help but want to write about it.

I generally start with a very basic premise and then build on it. I think ‘what if’… and then I build on it. And when that inspiration hits, it’s like I can’t stop until I have a basic storyline on a notepad.

Q: The genre for Everything that Was Us is women's fiction, so what can you tell us about the main character Sofia? What drew you to write her story?

Edy: Each character I’ve ever written has a part of me in them. I am Sofie and Max – I have some of Sofie’s traits – her insecurities, her practical nature, her drive to achieve her goals, her pride, and her skeptical side. I wanted to write about a strong woman…but also about a woman who is flawed and in the most vulnerable way – she is in love with a man who she cannot possibly be with unless she gives up everything she knows.

I also possess Max’s fiery-type anger, his impetuousness, his pride, and need for closure. So, in other words, I am the walking definition of contradiction.

Q: We often see books about young people, but from the blurb, we know that Massimo is dying, so what are the characters' ages?

Edy: The characters meet in their teens, then again in their early twenties, then in NYC (in their prime, I think) in their mid-thirties, and at the end, where Massimo is dying, they are in their sixties.

Q: What did you enjoy most (and least) about writing Everything that Was Us?

Edy: That’s easy! I loved writing about Italy…about Florence, Lucca, and Garfagnana. A lot of reviewers comment on the beauty of the descriptions of the Italian landscape…that’s just me indulging in my favorite thing to do.

The least? Nothing really. But if I could choose the least favorite part of the writing process…it’s the tedious editing back and forth toward the end. I was done!

Q: If you could pick popular actors and actresses for your book, who would play your main characters Sofia and Massimo?

Edy: Oh, wow…I can’t even think. They would have to be different actors, because of the age range in the novel. I have no idea…let’s let the reader choose. Lol!

Q: What can you tell us about your upcoming writing projects?

Edy: Currently, I’m taking a bit of a break. I’ve been working on tweaking a young adult science fiction fantasy about a telepath awakening to her powers after a stroke. I think it’s an amazing premise, but we’ll have to see if anybody else thinks so!


Can't wait to read the story with the telepath!


About the Author:

E. Graziani is the author of the women’s fiction novel, EVERYTHING THAT WAS US, scheduled to release in 2021 (The Wild Rose Press).


She has also written Breaking Faith (Second Story Press), a contemporary YA fiction novel, selected for the 'In the Margins' Book Award 2018 Recommended Fiction List, and one of Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens, and the YA historical memoir, War in My Town (Second Story Press), one of Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens and finalist in the Hamilton Arts Council 2016 Literary Awards for Best Non-Fiction.

Reader and reviewer, WUoC Short Prose Competition for Emerging Writers, 2019. Regular contributor, CHCH Morning Live Book Chat. She resides in Canada with her husband and four daughters.

Follow E. Graziani on social media via Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, and her Website.


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