Monday, July 29, 2013


Breathtaking beauty
Swaying seductively
Under a gleaming moon
Dancing to the rhythm
Of the earth and wind;
A mixture
Of orange, red and yellow
Against a black sky,
Dancing to the beat of the world
But more to its own beat.
A sparkling seductress
Swishing and swaying
For all to see;
But come closer
And in agony you will scream.
She will strike like serpent,
Your skin will burn
At the heat of her touch.
She is pretty on her own,
But when approached,
Rages like a lightning storm.
Smooth to touch,
But sudden and quick to bite.
She will warm you,
Shelter you from the prickling cold,
Then envelop you in her arms,
Her flames.
Silently she dances
To the beat of her mind,
Her curves call to you,
Her colours beckon you forth.
She’s hot
- In so many ways.
She’s an artist,
A deceitful painter,
Who gives you love and lust,
Passion and deceit,
Desire and danger.
Love her not,
For she knows only pain;
A silent dancer,
A flickering flame,
Of blue and yellow,
Of orange and red,
Swaying and spinning,
Twisting and turning,
In a cold barren desert,
Under a love-struck moon.

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