Monday, July 1, 2013

Twisting Soul

Lips parched,
Heart sullen,
Soul uncalm,
Mind lost;

Standing, sitting,
Twisting, turning,
Raging, burning,
Grieving, broken.

Right and wrong
All is a blur,
An unstable blur.

Thousands marching,
From every street.
Chants growing louder,
All for you, Egypt.

By fear and anxiety,
By indecisiveness,
And confusion.

They’re all sure
Of their demands;
But I’m not.
I’m lost.

Hope and worry,
Love and hate
All mingle
With bits of indifference;

All coursing through me,
All at once;
As a dam opens
Before a river.

Right and wrong
Blurred around me,
Inside me.
I shake and shiver.

I long for a guiding beam
To spring from the clouds,
To clear my head and heart,
To ease my mind and soul.

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